Bungie's New Ip Set To Be Revealed This Week

From Activisions Financials: These opportunities include Blizzard Entertainment's games currently in development, robust investment in forthcoming Call of Duty titles, the development of a best-in-class digital community surrounding the Call of Duty franchise, a new property from Bungie and an innovative new universe with broad appeal that will be revealed at Toy Fair later this week and will bring the world of toys, video games and the Internet together in an unprecedented way.

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Firstkn1ghT2778d ago

Than I'm sure you feel the same way about Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, right?

SnuggleBandit2778d ago

How much you wanna bet there will be some sort of space marine / power rangers in the game?

kaveti66162778d ago

snugglebandit, the most tiring things in FPS games are the repetitive shooting gameplay, linear maps, cliche' objectives such as defend this base or blow up this tower or defeat this behemoth monster, and the poor characterization.

Halo's concept of cyber soldiers is the least annoying part of Halo.

The aforementioned issues that plague FPS games like Halo, Killzone, Resistance, Call of Duty and more are the problems you should be complaining about.

SnuggleBandit2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Kaveti I never said it was negative. But its highly likely, simply just so its similar to Halo and has some familiarity with xbox-halo fans and ps3 fans that always wanted to play Halo.

kaveti66162778d ago

No, you said what you said to get agrees from the primary derps on this site.

AndrewRyan2778d ago


Most likely there will be, but that doesn't make it bad thing necessarily :)

SnuggleBandit2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )


Oh I see. I upset a fanboy. L.O.L.

kaveti66162777d ago

If you feel comfortable labeling me a 360 fanboy, even though I think the 360 a turd, then good for you. I don't expect mediocre minds to accept more than one possibility.


Toy fair? Unrealistic stupidly colorful G.I. Joes with even more unbelievable laser weapons incoming.

Ducky2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

^ Yea, we need more manly grey-brown army simulators.


Had you even played Marathon, son? Bungie moved from a rich and believable wolrd to something that looks like it was made to come bundled with cereal.

I'm just disapointed that, by revealing it in a toy fair instead of in a major gaming event, they might as well keep aiming it for the same public Halo was. I don't even know if it really is the case, but just pointing out. So cool down kid.

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dangert122778d ago

i WILL keep tabs on this but its a 2nd hand purchase for me no matter how good bobby wont see a penny from me activision aint since WAW

vsr2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Looking forward for their PS3 announcements and bungie's comment on PS3

--------2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Nice bubble bro.

Dragun6192778d ago

I'm just hoping Activision doesn't have any smart ideas with Bungie's new Ip. Other than that, Bungie's a good dev. They'll probably deliver a good game.

And has it even been confirmed that it's gonna be a Fps?

dangert122778d ago

they cant do anything bungie have all control over the game and its content activision just publish it thats why they went with activision, well thats the impression i got from the articles from last year

AbyssGravelord2778d ago

Iron Chef - Halo edition

"It's time to fillet the fish, Master Chef"

slate912777d ago

Lol that was pretty good

Mista T2778d ago

dumb double standard ps3 fanboy

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fantasygamer2778d ago

lets see since this they are under contract with Activision now.. I'm gonna go with... Halo Of Duty, Call Of Duty in space.

just_looken2778d ago

no to boring it will be cod vs halo (red vs blue)1 team will have blue dinosaurs and master chief and the other mindless controls with opfor as characters and make sure just like cod they die with 2shots to the foot.

Firstkn1ghT2778d ago

Bungie is probably the best for listening to their fans. Their forums are frequently visited by the Bungie team to answer questions and even challenge players in Reach. Whatever it is, I expect a blockbuster smash.

Dark_Energy2778d ago

I've got nothing against Bungie but screw you Activision.

karl2778d ago

if they get another successful franchise u can expect activition to milk it to death in the next year alone

AKA2777d ago

well they have a 10years deal
maybe they will ask for two games a year
games that will be made by the 2%(like 100m for each) of COD money.

SixZeroFour2777d ago

considering bungie had the balls to stand up to MS and separate cause they didnt like what ms was doing with halo, i think theyll have the balls to stand up to activision as well

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