Activision unveil new "Beachhead" studio, set to focus on Call of Duty digital content

Nintendo Universe writes:

Following the announcement that they are to scrap both their Guitar Hero and True Crime franchises, CEO and President of Activision, Bobby Kotick has unveiled a new studio, Beachhead.

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Rikitatsu2387d ago

So how many studios are working on CoD?

-Infinity Ward


DoomeDx2387d ago

lets not forget about cancelling Guitar hero or something (didnt focus to much on that news because i dont care about CoD or activison. so correct me if im wrong)

Shok2387d ago

Yep, they're stopping the GH franchise to focus on CoD. Not that I'm sad that GH is gone, cause that franchise was gettin the hell milked out of it too.

-Alpha2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )


Maybe they figured they couldn't compete with Rock Band?

I can only imagine more high-priced DLC. Thing is, I wouldn't mind new DLC, but COD is so expensive as is and the annual releases just kill it for some people.

I will wait and see what they offer, but it's probably going to be too expensive and there is way too much money I have to spend this year.

COD has way too much competition this year but the thing is that there is such a large audience that just plays COD who will support this. I'm willing to bet that high price + the fraction of COD-only players that buys this will equal sales equivalent to most other profits other devs make.

Istanbull2387d ago

LOL a studio whose sole purpose is to milk more out of CoD?

Mikeyy2387d ago

My guess is Guitar Hero just couldnt compete with rockband, And now that Rockband has Pro Guitar mode, it's just incredible.

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a_bro2387d ago

OMFG when will it stop??? WTF????

DaTruth2387d ago

Whole studios fr the purposes of DLC? Their games are practically DLC already!

Pandamobile2387d ago

Isn't Raven Software part of the COD studios now too?

--------2387d ago


I'm pretty sure they are. I think they create a lot of the DLC for Call Of Duty.

Zinc2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Hey, remember when they made games like Soldier of Fortune? So... can they, like... make more like that?

Mikeyy2387d ago

HAHA, I remember the first time i've ever seen Soldier of Fortune, it was SOF2 at my friends house, When he opened fire on sombody and I saw the Gore, I was blown away! Is there any other game out there that gory?

Makes me want to download that game again and blow holes in peoples stomachs, litterly..

dangert122387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Wooooo OMG this is amazing bob knows exactley what we want and knows how to get it
we want so much COD his closing down studios to give us no COD studio's woooo
shame i dont want another cod game =/
i want quality not quantity
i want bang for buck
and i want bobby out
...if only >:D

internalbit222387d ago

You want bobby no d!(k out, tell everyone you know how shit cod is show them other fps, they will in turn do the same. B4 u know cod will be dead, activision will sack the sack of $h!t n0d!(k.

A friend only just got into killzone 2 mp and says its the best and finally realised how shit cod was

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2387d ago

Aww, i really wanted to play that True Crime Game it looked awsome, i dont really care about the Guitar Hero since i play Rockband

phatak2387d ago

well its all they have left

badz1492387d ago

it's the most profitable in the industry at the moment!

2387d ago
TruthSeeker2387d ago

You forgot Raven Software

Christopher2386d ago

I have a feeling they're putting a lot of their eggs in a single basket.

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Dark_Energy2387d ago

I like milk with my cereals.

LoaMcLoa2387d ago

Too bad that milk is so expensive

--------2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )


Don't worry, you can get a bowl for your milked dry cereal for only $15 as a DLC! It's smashed to pieces, but they'll "fix it later".

-Alpha2387d ago

And the cereal is soggy.

badz1492387d ago

they are serving you the milk from freaking 2007!

Vip3r2387d ago

Even watered down, old, reused milk?

FanboyPunisher2387d ago

It looks like a pillow now, that all the blue/green fuzz has grown beyond control; its hard to know what it is, but its a fluffy hunk of cheese..

Mystickay862387d ago

Kotick smells like Broccoli and poop.

unknownhero11232387d ago


seriously though, Activision has gone too far this time, I was looking forward to TC:Hong Kong

El_Assenso2387d ago

HAHAHA!! Defo comment of the year!!!

badz1492387d ago

OMG dude! you smelled him? WTF is wrong with you?