1UP: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review

Highly faithful to its source material yet immensely deeper and more engrossing than any previous version of the game, this remake encompasses the best of old and new RPG design at once. Tactics Ogre may not be for everyone, but any serious fan of role-playing and strategy games would be remiss not to experience this remastered masterpiece.

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Jack-Pyro2746d ago

Uhhhh, wow, Nice Score...

Esena2746d ago

Ugh, i still have Lunar: Silver Star Harmony & Valkyria Chronicles 2 in my backlog... ugh ugh ugh!

TheObserver2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I like this type of Strategy RPG. It is similar to* playing chess, only each piece have stats.

Square Enix Front Mission series was supposed to be a strategy RPG. But they turned it into a TPS, made me RAAAAAGGEEEE so hard.

Relientk772746d ago


and I have the game on PSONE, that's how good this game is

I want two versions of it lol

Optical_Matrix2746d ago

Thats the second great score I've seen for this game (Other one I saw was 9/10). Can't wait for this title. I'm slightly confused about the European release date though. Can anyone clarify if it's this month or next month.

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