Radiant Historia: The Next Chrono Trigger?

Time travel in video games is something that hasn't been done often enough, but thankfully when it has been incorporated into games, it's been done very well. Titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask used time travel lightly, but there has been one game to use the idea well enough in its story and gameplay mechanics to make it a masterpiece: Chrono Trigger. Released on the Super NES in 1995 and developed by Squaresoft (now known as Square-Enix), Chrono Trigger was considered a revolutionary RPG due to its ambitious time travel mechanic. In Chrono Trigger, players travel in time through several different time periods in order to stop an evil demon from conquering the world. These time periods range from the B.C. era all the way to the future, and almost everything in between. Radiant Historia, an RPG exclusive to the DS by Atlus, has taken a page from Chrono Trigger's time travel mechanic, only in a far more ambitious way.

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SactoGamer2747d ago

That'd be nice. CT is a masterpiece.

kvg882746d ago

Chrono Trigger has to be the greatest RPG of all time; why Square never milked the bejesus out of it, I have no idea. Where are the sequels, the spin-offs, the CGI/animated movies? lol

Desert Turtle2746d ago

True that. Put the Final Fantasy series on hiatus and give us some Chrono Trigger.