Call of Duty logs 2 billion hours, rivals Facebook for time spent online

XMNR: During Activision's quarterly earnings report today, the video game publisher divulged some fascinating statistics about one of their key franchises, Call of Duty.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2663d ago

2 Billion Hours, Wow Thats 228,159 Years

GhettoGeneral2663d ago



killyourfm2663d ago

Laugh it up, but that's a big deal. It could invariably influence Activision's future development of CoD in many ways.

MeNoRasta2663d ago

Looks like cod is far from dead:)

SoapShoes2663d ago

Well Guitar Hero was far from dead too now look at it, canned. Just saying. If they milk this like they did GH, it will easily become the same scenario.

Robearboy2663d ago

I was thinking along the same lines, anything that gets milked just turns to dog shit, Actiduty are making a huge mistake by putting all of their faith in the COD series

ME19892663d ago

Nah Guitar Hero is selling miserably for the past couple years, bad reviews left and was very close to dead anyway.

HappyGoLucky752663d ago

Milking didn't kill guitar hero. rock band did.

kramun2663d ago

All games (with exceptions) die in the end. Another will just take its place.

SSKILLZ2663d ago

Guitar hero is CoDs forshadowing

DarkBlood2663d ago

i never bought a cod game before but if its seriously that good maybe i should just become a sheep

DarkBlood2663d ago

if you say so, there are far more interesting games then the cod series anyway

MarcusFenixITA2663d ago

it's like a drug ... and the sad thing is that it isn't really bad. I does many thing really nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.