Killzone 3 - 24 minutes of the single player demo brings you 24 uninterupted minutes of the Killzone 3 single player demo.

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JohnApocalypse2864d ago

How many times has this been posted?

OGharryjoysticks2864d ago

I don't know. How many times have you seen it?

Just watching it for the first time now and I'm ready to stick up the corner store so I can buy it the day it releases.

Bathyj2864d ago

Why not rob the Game store and get it a day early?

OGharryjoysticks2864d ago

I live in a bad area and the gamestore has cameras =)

nycrekid2864d ago

You are better off just getting close to some chick who works at Gamestop and tap that ass good and make her steal or buy a copy early for you.

OGharryjoysticks2864d ago

nycrekid, I tried that once. I tapped that ass and she stopped going to work just so she could stalk me =)

davekaos2864d ago

this is the first time i have seen actual gameplay and im like wow, 24 mins 1 demo level. just there was 10/10 for me.

i really dont understand where some of thes reviewers get their scores from

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WhittO2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

24 minutes of the demo?

How long is it!? lol

So much for the game being 4-5 hours hahahha, what stupid people.

KeiserSosay47882864d ago

It's all cluttered like GT5's main menu (different sized boxes in odd places)

MAJ0R2864d ago

you will get disagrees because u mentioned GT5

VenomProject2864d ago

You will get disagrees because you mentioned mentioning GT5.

nycrekid2864d ago

You will get disagrees because you mentioned him mentioning KeiserSosay4788 mentioning GT5.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2864d ago

Other Than Graphics This Game Seems Like A Nothing Special FPS, Whats So Special About It ?

SuperStrokey11232864d ago

Its pretty and has a fun MP.

nycrekid2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Other Than Graphics COD, BF:BC, Homefront, Seems Like they are Nothing Special FPS, Whats So Special About them?

Oh wait those games don't even HAVE graphics like this! And they don't have jetpacks, and 3d, and Move support.

The only people who play down graphics are people who don't have a decent setup to play games on. If you have good HDTV, especially a 3dtv and a good surround system I think you would appreciate this type of fidelity in your games much more. Don't hate cause other people enjoy reaping the benefits of their Home Entertainment systems.



I have my new tv, the glasses, my 7.1 surround ready for this sucker! This game will push my system to its limits!

Kon2864d ago

BF don't rely on graphics

1 - It has Environment destruction
2 - It has many vehicles
3 - The multiplayer is more mature

"And they don't have jetpacks, and 3d, and Move support.

Killzone don't have destructible enviroments and many vehicles, so what is your point?

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PinkFunk2864d ago

Ya know, from what I see here, KZ3 just polishes the hell out of everything. KZ2 lacked some things that made it just short of exceptional (from a 'fun' standpoint), but MAN, in terms of offering something that other FPS games don't have... level of polish! I don't mean just in terms of graphics, but the way one slides into cover, hops over a ledge and kicks the guy in the face, then while hes down perform the knife melee on him. Each melee kill is different, while then shooting from the hip is also satisfying considering the variety of death animations. I don't know, for me it looks absolutely great and hella fun.

I am looking forward to the exoskeleton and the jetpacks, cause I think KZ2 desperately needed vehicles. BattleField and MAG have some sweet vehicle action that vary up the gameplay. From what i've seen the jetpacks and exo are gonna be fun as hell as well.

Bathyj2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Atmosphere, intensity, AI, sound, the feel, the blood splatter, the scope, the grand spectical, the fun, bots, coversystem/leaning from cover, 3D, move, sharpshooter, jetpacks that actually look useable, not just an elevator on your back, I love the story, like all Sony games, you can tell they love what they're doing, not simply cranking out another update. I've had enough CoD and Halo this gen.

Then theres the graphics of course. I dont see why people think because the graphics flog everything before it, thats all it has. Those people couldnt be more wrong.

It would have been quicker to ask, Whats NOT special about this game, to which I would say, I dont know, the price of the Helghast edition maybe.

LiL T2864d ago


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Serinous2864d ago

will be getting this game...

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