Killzone 3 review (DigitalBattle)

"Overall, we loved Killzone 3′s action, kinda liked its multiplayer, and didn’t like its story and characters."

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Istanbull2569d ago

What is this site I don't even...

mega BIG time2568d ago

you dont? An opinion is an opinion. Every person is entitled and deserving of one and they are all equally worthy.

DaTruth2568d ago

I'm of the opinion that they're not!

starchild2568d ago

Some things are a matter of opinion and some things are a matter of fact. Taste in games is subjective, but the fact that people are entitled to their own tastes and opinions is not a matter of opinion.

arika2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

i told you guys from my last post if its anything negative or a low score on killzone 3 the trolls will show up. as expected. lol!

vickers5002568d ago

They've been around for quite a while.

morganfell2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

So has cancer, the clap, and good looking women with attached fat friends.

vickers5002568d ago

They're not that bad. They were my primary gaming site along time ago until I found N4G. I think that was about 3-4 years ago.

My point is they aren't one of those "me too" websites that have been cropping up within the past 2 years.

But whatever, the fanboys on this site are too blind to accept that people have different opinions, and if a site doesn't give their favorite games a 9+, then that must mean they automatically suck. Damn fanboys such as yourself are annoying.

You also act like 8/10 is somehow a bad score. Gtfo you scum, you are the trash that is ruining the industry with your petty, immature fanboyism.

*hits you with a flyswatter* Go away

Warprincess1162569d ago

I want to buy this game. Operation is addicting but marvel vs capcom 3 comes out next week. Im definitely still gone to buy this game. I want to support GG and sony.

GamerSciz2568d ago

How does this story get bad reviews?

It looks pretty epic to me.

kramun2568d ago

That's just the trailer, it's not the full game. The reviewer actually played the full game.

GamerSciz2568d ago

I know that but I am saying based on that trailer, which is pretty epic, how can a bad story be derived from it. People said Killzone 2 story was just ok as well but I for one enjoyed it immensely seeing how it was a direct sequel to Killzone.

kramun2568d ago

KZ2's story was terrible as well though. I was hoping the story was going to be a lot more improved for this one. Apparently not.

callahan092568d ago

I agree with GamerSciz. What exactly is "bad" about the story? I've read a lot of reviews that said the story was great, but then a portion of the reviews say it's "bad" or "horrible" and even "miserable." But none of the bad reviews gave much of a meaningful explanation about what made the story so bad. I mean, looking at that trailer, I really want details, because that trailer shows what seems to be very nice cutscene direction (in terms of cinematography), interesting plot, and very good voice acting. When these reviewers say "bad" do they mean:

a) Uninteresting? Boring?
b) Unintentionally funny?
c) Unfeasible?
d) Confusing?
e) Doesn't have a good ending?

What the hell does it mean? Based on the trailer, it doesn't seem like it would be so uninteresting or boring, or unintentionally funny as to warrant the game's entire story being called so BAD that it actually detracts from the fun of the campaign. Is it unfeasible? Confusing? Poor ending? Is the story REALLY of such significance that even if it is some or all of those things it makes playing the campaign less fun? Tons of great, very fun single player games have stories that fit all of those categories (Modern Warfare 2 anyone?). I just think the whole "the story is horrible" criticism is lacking in explanation from everything I've seen, and I even doubt the validity of such claims to the effect that the story is so bad it makes the campaign not worth playing the way some of these reviews have suggested.

B1663r2568d ago


Read the article, they didn't like the characters because the characters were boring and uninteresting, and the story was bad because it didn't really tie in with the gameplay.

But otherwise, take it for what it is, a visually rich, FPS hallway shooter with space marines, and lots of hectic gameplay...

The trailers lose suspension of disbelief with me, because I am a skydiver in real life, and they are riding around on the outside of those lander thingies, and talking and stuff, and they are not being buffeted around by wind. I mean, a 80 to 100 mph wind... all you would be doing (even if you were a really mannly big buff space marine) is holding on against the wind, and there would be no talking (or yelling) going on in the face of the roaring wind.

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Firstkn1ghT2568d ago

All trailers look epic. That's the whole point of a trailer. I seen so many movies with epic trailers just to find myself regretting it in the end.

KotC2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Here we go... again. M$ must have bought em like all the others.

Dread2567d ago

here we go aagain


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