RPGFan: Two Worlds II Review

RPGFan writes: "No doubt Two Worlds II already has a rabid fanbase ready to lay siege to any naysayers that happen to ask more from their RPGs. Let them come. Two Worlds II isn't quite unplayable, however, and I admit it might actually work on some levels for those who like open world and hack-n-slash RPGs. Character progression and management along with the subpar, but occasionally enjoyable combat may be enough to hook players not concerned with seeking meaningful experiences in their hobbies."

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RedDead2813d ago

" I expected some stupid fun when I picked up Two Worlds II, but instead I just got some stupid. "


kramun2813d ago

Pretty much the same reviews as the first had. I thought this one was going to be a fairly average game. I'll pick it up in the steam sales.

Tex1172813d ago

I bought this game because I was waiting for Dragon Age and had some time to kill.

The game starts off real bad. Bad lip sync, b-movie type acting, the motion was funny, and it was kinda hard.

Then it started to get way better. I got stronger, mowed down enemies, got a full quest log.

Then, around hour 15, i could not wait to plow through the rest of the game and beat it so that I would never have to play again.

There are some glimpses of brilliance. Very good magic system, alchmany...all that...but the quests are very hit or miss. Some are great (Last Crusade) some are awfull...go fetch this....Its just too tedious, and with a weak story...I was over this in 20 hours.

Plus, once you realize you get a fair amount of XP by completing quests and not enough by killing enemies (and the melee becomes very irritating...due to awful hit detection, and floaty) then you just run to place to place beating quests, skipping dialog, untill you can make a run at the end game.

If you can pick this up in the bargain bin, then yeah, its worth 30 bucks if you have nothing else to do.

But full price, with Dragon Age right around the your money.

Xof2812d ago

Try Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.

Wickidly impressive game. Far better than Dragon Age was, IMHO. It'll certainly tide you over 'till Dragon Age II, but the gamer in you might be better served anticipating Witcher II, instead.

As for TW2... it's horridly mediocre. It's also the best open-world Fantasy game ever made. Granted, it's not exactly steep competition....

phantomexe2812d ago

I agree game starts off hard and a pain but after a few into it. It becomes way better. I'm enjoying it a great deal. The reviews for this game are all over the place 8,7,6. Like someone else said in another form here if you enjoy rpgs alot or if you like older rpgs then your going like it. If you prefer mindless rpgs that play there self {aka FF13} then this game isn't for you.You have to use your brain in this game. Theres alot to do in this game. Not a 12 hour rpg.