Killzone 3 Move Function Tips + Gameplay Video

PI writes, "In the latest Gameplay video I sat down and recorded I decided to give everyone out there a taste of what it's like to play with the PlayStation Move against bots in Killzone 3.

This is where you will want to start off getting used to the Move controller in Killzone 3 as the bots are a tad easier to defeat than real people. Do a round on recruit mode just to get a feel for the controls and then hop into Trooper difficulty as I did in the video.

You will see that the configuration is the same as other Move FPS games, but believe me the feel is better once you get your settings where you want them. As a good baseline to start from I used these settings..."


I put PI writes but its actually JI writes lol, my bad.

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9thGenHero2713d ago

The tips in here are damn helpful, I think there'll be no optimum settings, just gotta tweak the balance to your liking, but guerilla games did an excellent job implementing motion controls, dare I say killer motion control app? Yes!

Hitman07692713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Absolutely Killer Move App here. It doesn't really take that much getting used to as other Move shooters do and once you get used to it you will be destroying noobs.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using the DualShock 3 instead of Move and there are pros and cons to using the Move instead of the DS3 as well, but if you get good with the Move then the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

@jaredhart yeah that's the major disadvantage honestly for the Move is turning around quickly, it would be nice to have a button that turned you around fast like in Resident Evil 5, but the major advantage is that once you get used to the new aiming style the Move presents you are able to be more accurate and shoot to kill faster. (Once you get used to it I said people, don't flame me if you only gave it a couple tries lol).

My KDR averages 2.0 with the Move in the KZ3 beta so far.


I'm all about Move with KZ3 and since my 3D glasses should arrive tonight it's gonna go to another level. Great vid as always and I love that of my favorite joints.

gypsygib2713d ago

That's brilliant! A button or gesture that does a quick 90 degree turn (double tap for quick 180). Dam I wish Guerilla implemented this, Move controls would be amazing with it.

cooperdnizzle2713d ago

Hey dude sorry to tell ya but the 3D isn't that cool in this game. Kinda sucks. But as you already know, the game is amazing in it self!

BARF2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

i havent used move yet in mp. i used it a little in botzone and when i went through the sp demo today. i really enjoy using it a lot more than i expected. i would think if you got good with the move, you will have a huge advantage.

this is the game that finally makes me happy i bought the move when it came out.

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Ps_alm3k2713d ago

If You Have the "Game Mode" on your tv setting, make sure you turn it on to get a better response time. It will feel much more better!

-Mezzo-2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Great tips, my current KD ratio is (1.16) which isn't that good, but not that bad either, i'm sure i'll be able to improve it.

Will be getting the game Day 1, will be playing it for months to come (NON-STOP).

jaredhart2713d ago

Tried the Move and it's more accurate except when turning around.

Definitely going to try it more.

guitar_nerd_232713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

ive been playing the demo with move and quite like it, can see how the sharpshooter might help though longer barrel held with two hands -easier to control more subtle angles

out of curiousity what settings have people found good for them?

i usually end up on 0-10% width, 20% height, 50% sensitivity and 70% turning speed

pilotpistolpete2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

50% sensitivity?!

What distance are you from the cam and how subtle is your movement?

i say that because I have a hard time using anything above 20%, but I've always had to turn the sensitivity down in FPS with the DS.

guitar_nerd_232713d ago

i sit probs about 6ft back, find a good resting spot on my leg and make very slight movements

but when i play on pc im used to my mouse either on 1600dpi or 3200dpi (when im feeling cocky alltho i do generally still suck at fps')

i think the only reason i have it so sensitive is so i never go far from my resting postion as not to lose it, as soon as i lose my resting position i go all skatty and spin around a lot thats why i was thinking the sharpshooter might be good for me for a bit more stability

naiyo2712d ago

You have a hard time because you probably calibrated wrong. instead of pointing directly at the icons on the calibration screen, point past them. It will tighten up the cursor. I personality just do this for the lower right icon and point directly at the upper left icon.

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