What the Heck Happened to being a Gamer?

When did being a gamer die and being a diehard fanboy take over as cool?

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bgrundman2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I think far more people have moved away towards being fanboys because it is far more expensive to be a gamer, hence the reason for allying with a single console or platform.

roblef2866d ago

I think that's a pretty good insight, really. However, weren't there ALWAYS fanboys? Even when consoles were cheap? Or, wait...were they ever cheap?

Istanbull2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Whats bad being a fanboy? As long as you're not ignorant or being a troll, there is nothing wrong with it. Its nature that people can relate to stuff, even brands/companies.

Stop being a neutrality fanboy.

Zinc2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

@Istanbull - True Neutral is how I roll.

Edit: I have this theory that there is a magic disagree fairy that lives on n4g. Look for my paper on this theory in the near future.

roblef2864d ago

Ahahaha, Neutrality Fanboy. Love it.

Dante1122866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

*Back then*

Gamer1: Yeah, I heard about that game. Sounds pretty cool. Wanna swap systems? Just for a week. I just wanna try it out.

Gamer2: Sure, but don't f*** up my disc man. PUT IT BACK IN THE CASE, NOT ON THE TABLE OR FLOOR.

Gamer1: Lol, ok. I got you.


Gamer1: Yeah, I heard about that game. Sounds like crap. Why do you still own that system. Buy my system lol. Jeez...

Gamer2: Get the **** outta here. Your system ain't nothing. Name one good game on it? I'll never touch that system.

jahcure2866d ago

SOOOO true dante...bubs.
I remember swapping my snes to play sonic to try to unlock supersonic and play mortal kombat with blood. The good days!

2866d ago
UnwanteDreamz2866d ago

Man console fanboys have been around forever. Anyone saying they weren't is full of it or too young to have a reference point. I remember haveing so many heated discussions with friends over what was beter Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis.

We fought over graphics blood and content back then. I was a poor kid so I only gamed on one system and I rented most of my games. I went from NES to Sega then to PS1. With each new console I owned came new bragging rights and new arguments over what was better.

I can remember being told "Why do you still play Sega? You should get a Super Nintendo it has better controls, games , and more buttons." Then it was "why are you still playing that PS1? The games are crappy you should get a N64 cause cartridges are better than discs no loading times." After that it was "you still playing that PS2? You need an XBox the graphics are better."

Boody-Bandit2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

How is it far more expensive to be a gamer today?
Consoles cost are practically the same now that they were generations ago and games still cost roughly the same. The only thing that has changed is the displays and sound systems we play them on, oh and DLC exist now.

People are quick to foget that games cost $40 to 70 (and higher on some titles) during the 8 and 16 bit era. Do people forget about the NeoGeo and what their games cost?

More to the point.
I have never been a fanboy and have always been a gamer. I have been gaming since the 70's. I have owned, or still own, nearly every console ever created. The only thing I care about is the games. I could care less what hardware they run on.

Spitfire_Riggz2866d ago

I posted this in another article, but when I was young it seeemed the systems were spread evenly, cousins had 64s ps1s sega genesis. I never knew about sales or no one ever preffered one over the other. I dont know what happened.

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NYC_Gamer2866d ago

a lot of gamers have become selfish,crying over 3rd party software being shared.

roblef2866d ago

I dunno if I like that freaky pic.

Zinc2866d ago

See, I am imagining a story to go with the picture... my imagination mainly consists of him sitting on something that also happens to be going up his ass... and whatever it is... it's a big one.

edgeofblade2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I'll tell you exactly what happened. In general and in detail.

In general: Microsoft hate and the ensuing arms race of ever increasing stupidity.

In detail: Everyone started hating on Microsoft for being a business and making money. Where that started is outside the scope of this discussion, but suffice it to say, it's completely irrational to pick Microsoft out of the other worthy targets for "evil corporate overmind".

Then, Microsoft got into gaming. So people start hating the Xbox, again irrationally, despite the great things it's doing. In response, Xbox fans, their fanship won fairly by giving them what they wanted, pointed out how Sony isn't so nice either. Playstation fans took a page from Apple fanboy blogs and started snarking it up, appealing to puerile ridicule and playground teasing.

Then, E3 2006 happened, filling the Xbox fanboy's arsenal for the next ~3 years of the same puerile snark and ridicule. Sony fanboys tried desperately to grasp on to other flubs for leverage, but were ultimately hit again by Chad Warden, who brought out the worst in the poor ethnic core leftover from the era of Snoop-Dogg-wannabes-with-PS2s- in-Escalades and exposed them as entitled little airheaded shits.

The rest is more recent history. Just covering the basics you missed because you weren't born yet...

Zinc2866d ago

"The rest is more recent history. Just covering the basics you missed because you weren't born yet... "

If I had been drinking, it would have been a spit-take. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

BabyTownFrolics2866d ago

there are still gamers. you just cant confuse all gamers with the small number of gamers who religiously comment online. many of us who comment online are sociopaths with too much time on their hands.

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