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GoLeafsGo3925d ago

..there were a few games there that I've never even heard of, and to top it off, the names were in Japanese!

MaximusPrime3925d ago

looks like Sony has stolen the show.

Great collection of games for PS3.

DrWan3925d ago

Sony has stole every single game show since GC or Sony gamers' day like around march or so. They just have better stuff everytime. When's the next big show? Sony Gamer's Day?

Jamaicangmr3925d ago

Wanna bet Sony steals that too?

Kiwi_Blue3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Thats a great show of games from Sony there are so many titles that i would love to own, i think there is still hope for the PS3 yet.

itani3925d ago

Never lost hope for the PS3 :).

neogeo3925d ago

Not many new games at all. I wanted a surprise or somthing

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