Obutto Gaming Cockpit Review (GS) writes: "The only real problem with building the Obutto gaming cockpit is its instructions. The small, folded piece of paper is not verbose or stepped-out enough for novice builders and you will undoubtedly find yourself looking online for other build stories or images with which to base your construction. Also, the instructions don't mention that you will need to have your own Vesa screws..."

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Boody-Bandit2866d ago

DIY's are the way to go instead of purchasing a rig like this. I had a playseat (2 actually), a friend has an obutto, another a Vision Racer. They are decent but not practical for anything but racing.

I ended up building a DIY using a race seat mounted to MDF board and an old aluminum desk I painted piano black. I have an adpater built for my joysticks and a double slider for more room. It's 10x more versatile than any unit you can buy like the one in this article and a lot cheaper to boot.

aaaaaaaaa2866d ago

Agree with you on all points DIY way to go.