Why we're hyped for Fight Night Champion

The Game Fanatics break apart the Fight Night Champion demo and clue us in as to why we should be looking forward to this game; "the boxing experience surpasses that of the competition from UFC 2010 and EA MMA."

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DGenesis_2747d ago

Fight Night March 1 I can't wait!

Yi-Long2747d ago

... I'm a HUGE fan of Fight Night 2 on the old Xbox, but I didn't like the new demo AT ALL.

Tried it a bunch of time but shots didn't connect, fighters get tired too fast, and half the time they're not pulling of the punches your trying to do...

Very disappointed.

Simon_Brezhnev2747d ago

Yeah im disappointed FN2 was the best one. EA promoting this like you see a lot of blood and i have yet 2 see any in demo even though i keep getting TKOs.

Wh15ky2747d ago

I agree, the new analogue punching system is terrible.

hamburger1232747d ago

I cant wait to play with Roy Jones Jr.

Omar912747d ago

it looks really goood actually. might buy it used or at least later along the lines

NYC_Gamer2747d ago

i thought the gameplay from the demo was terrible.

NYC_Gamer2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

the foot movement
that cheap casual counter window
1 button blocking?cheap casual feature
bad camera
easy to spam punches
knockdown=way too over done/fake looking
the new punch system isn't really accurate

this game is for the casual crowd and not hardcore boxing fans

jut4202747d ago

I've seen a lot of people say that...saying it was too arcadey (not sure if that's your reason)...i thought it was great because these guys punch so fast in real life that previous fight night games made boxing seem slower than it really is...i welcome the increase in speed

xDaRkModEx2747d ago

Because Fight Night has been noob-i-fied.

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