Three Xbox 360 MMOs That Never Were

The word is out that there is another Xbox 360 MMO in the works. On top of that, the word “zombie” is also in the mix and is beginning to spark the interest of the millions of Xbox 360 users.

These 360 fans though have been promised various MMOs, and no developer has delivered on that promise. This has created tons of skepticals in the community and even some gamers that just laugh to themselves and others when they hear a new one is on the way. These aren’t ridiculous thoughts though, developers have pulled on their heart strings a little too much and seem to hang the console gamers on a string just playing with them and egging them on just to end up never delivering. Here are three that are most notable in my eyes.

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DigitalRaptor2841d ago

MMOs will never work on the 360 as long as Microsoft continues to keep Xbox Live a closed a network service.

That's why All Points Bulletin was never released for X360. The same goes for Final Fantasy XIV not being considered for 360, and the same will happen with The Secret World, which people claim is being developed for PC/360, but I believe will only see a PC release.

maniacmayhem2841d ago

It can work, having a closed network has nothing to do with it as long as MS and whatever developer works together.

The problem comes with fees and xbox live. it will make no sense for a person to pay for live and an MMO.

the best thing to do is to have a free to play type of game and charge with micro transactions.

kancerkid2840d ago

Many MMOs are now becoming successful through microtransactions, which could mean there would be less of a problem of MMOs coming to consoles, specifically 360

Mystogan2841d ago

The zombie MMO is being developed by both Microsoft and Undead labs so 99% chance that this is the next MMO to actually hit the Xbox 360.

Phantasy Star Universe
Final Fantasy Online

are the only ones so far

NoobSessions2841d ago

Monster Hunter Frontier [in Japan] too

Dee_Cazo2841d ago

On top of that I heard there will be no monthly fee and they are trying to find different way to focus on earning money.

Advertising/Microtransactions most likely.

Godmars2902841d ago

I get the feeling that we have to want and see what the game actually is and what it involves. Just something about it being XBLA sounds off.

Of course, gameplay could be like Diablo. A refined version Angel Links or the mech game Earth Zero(?) Really surprised that style hasn't been adopted for console MMOs.

Mystogan2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

@NoobSessions and Dee_Cazo

Thats true and i think Microsoft said they will allow microtransactions or something like that.

Here it is:

So it will probably have Microtransanctions instead of Monthly fee's that would be perfect for an MMO on Xbox since we already pay for Gold.

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Dee_Cazo2841d ago


Yeah I think depending the arcade game sales which judging by the success of Dead Rising Case Zero it could be the go ahead on Microsoft's part.


I think they are smart enough to shy away from game altering microtransactions but if Microsoft gives it full support they essentially just became publishers to a title that could be as big as Halo was to the original Xbox.

RockmanII72841d ago

Phantasy Star Universe is still running on Xbox Live to my knowledge, so MMO's can be done on Xbox.

Spartacus54052841d ago

Dc universe online shows that console MMOs are possible

I heard DCUO was Sonys fastest selling game 2 date. 0.0


Really?! thats pretty interesting....

Persistantthug2841d ago

Just making sure there's no misconstrued info. :)

Masterchef20072841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

No developer has deliverd that promise because they are scared off by XBOXlive. I know XBOXlive is a closed system and all but microsoft has got to give devs a little bit more freedom. This year alone the PS3 is going to have at least 2 MMO DC Online and The Agency. Plus theres a ton of rumors of free realms comming out on the PS3.

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