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Welcome to the personal comic and art site of Andrew Augustin AKA Dat Boi Drew! Feel free to browse the site, read my blogs, and enjoy my artwork. I'd love to hear your feed back!

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9thGenHero2836d ago

Damn, I really haven't been into comics for awhile, but I may just get back to it, tons of great stuff out there and alot of people trying to make it like this guy, best of luck man

Hitman07692836d ago

Yeah this is a pretty cool spin on comics since it is taking video game ideas we all know and love and taking their stories to new levels. That's the great thing about fan work, you can experience a story with less boundaries.

egm_hiphopgamer2836d ago

such a unique idea, now be consistent with it homey I love this joint

Venomousfatman2836d ago

Very nice man. A breath of fresh air.