Team Xbox Halo 3 Review

Well, folks the momentous day many (most?) of you have been waiting for is finally at hand. Halo 3, the third and final part of Bungie's epic sci-fi saga that paved the way for 36 million (and counting!) Xboxes and Xbox 360s, will be releasing on Tuesday to complete the story that abruptly ended just three short years ago. It will likely be one of the – if not the - biggest

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PS360PCROCKS4017d ago

HAAALLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! !!!!!! FUC* YES!!!! I cannot wait and the reviews show it is AMAZING!!!1 AHHHHH another GREAT 360 game! Woo!! Tomorrow night MF'ers! TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!! :) :)

The Dude4017d ago

All the reviews so far are 9.5 or better. Wow. One day to go, I can't wait for 12:01 AM Tuesday!

Nth RooCH4017d ago

Reading a review for Halo 3 by any website or magazine with "Xbox" in the title, will be about as worthwhile as reading a Killzone 2 review from any website or Magazine with "Sony" or "PS" in the title. In other words, it's pointless. Wait for the first 10 reviews in Gamefaqs, read the highest scored and the lowest. You'll get the jist from that.

The Dude4017d ago

There are like 10 reviews on the n4g 360 section all different sources. The reviews are in and Halo 3 rocks. AAA a title!

Nth RooCH4017d ago

At no point did I say Halo 3 wasn't a AAA killer app. What I said was, wait for reviews that aren't by Xbox related sources. Doing that is totally retarded, of COURSE they're going to score it highly. It's an achievement to get a high score from a multi platform source. Halo 3 has it, this review isn't one of those sources.

skynidas4017d ago

Halo 3 is an overhyped game

The Dude4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

If Halo was sony branded you would be singing a different story.