Have a Geeky Valentines Day

"Does your special someone list “l337 sp33k” as a spoken language on facebook? Is their gamer score higher than Bill Gates’ net worth? Can they rebuild a computer in their sleep? I’m sure if you are here you are looking for a Valentines presents for your special someone who may not want something that people would consider normal. While I personally think the holiday is stupid, I figured I’d put a list together for you anyway."

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Warprincess1162659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Now watch this article get a bunch of views because of the pic

codyodiodi2659d ago

Eh. Probably that seems to be the way it usually works..

Dart892659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Damn is it so hard to just put a valentine day pix???

Edit:JUst use this pix.

codyodiodi2659d ago

It was a picture from the article Dart.

hazelamy2659d ago

one of fifteen images and not even the first one.

you had to choose that particular image?

still, it shows you know the audience. :)

anyway, those 8 bit flowers are cool.

codyodiodi2658d ago

Hazel, I've posted many articles on here. I know how to get them past 50 degrees.

Either have something that is flame bait/fanboy bait or post something that involves a females body part. Boobs tend to work the best, but really as long as it's a female it almost always go past 100. :D

The 8 bit flowers do look pretty awesome, I really like that watch though.