Dirt 3 : Finland stage Gameplay

Cool new gameplay video of Dirt 3

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BrianG2441d ago

Looking good, looking good.

Kon2440d ago

Best Console graphics right here.

Bounkass2440d ago

It's the PC version. Didn't you see the previous preview video? It had a gew glimpses of this stage, I clearly say the Enter and ESC buttons...

Anyway, looks arcadey. A shame. The car swings too much. Cars don't like that...

Berzf2440d ago

It's a Rally game, in the rally game they do and they're suppose to. And Cars don't swing that way if you don't drive like that.
It's just ideal to pull drifts and finnish flicks in rally.

jib2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

i'm no rally expert here but the camera angle swaying away from the center could be giving that illusion of "swinging" more than it should. still looks fun, probably going to pick it up

Kon2440d ago

Dirt 2 has better graphics than many recent games on console. Going by this logic Dirt 3 will raise the bar even more. And don't forget this isn't the final product. It is Pre Alpha code.

DelbertGrady2440d ago

Was posted 2 days ago and seen it long before that as well. Go go google translate sites.

Xfanboy2440d ago

wow look @t the detail on that dirt day1 4 me!!

retrofly2440d ago

looks nicer than GT5, though thats not saying much :P

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