Dynasty Warriors 7, new screenshots

Tecmo-Koei released new screenshots of Dynasty Warriors 7.

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Andreas-Sword2868d ago

yeahh... Lu Bu is back :D
day 1 buy!

AhmadCentral2868d ago

Dynasty Warriors 2,3,4 & 5 were really good games in the Dynasty Warriors series. 6 was terrible, it had some great new features but they were poorly implemented and made 6 the worst in the series. I felt that the developers had to either stop milking the series and expecting hardcore fans to buy it or improve it considerably.

Well i've been following the Famitsu updates for some time now and i can say that Tecmo Koei have really stepped it up for 7. They've added in so many new characters, features & gameplay elements. The gameplay videos look smooth and awesome. I can honestly say that this will be the best DW game yet.

I like how Koei have actually listened and improved upon this series. I thought that they would become COD like and release another game that was as bad as 6 but no. They've actually done really well with 7 and i hope that lots of people buy it because they really have made 7 sooo much better. Now if only COD could do something like this and make a game better than the previous ones.

I'm picking up DW7 day one and i recommend you do too!

GhettoGeneral2868d ago

DW6 was okay

the only reason I play it is because I can't play my ps2 ones :(

I'm also excited for dw7