It's Official: PS3 Has Best Software Library of 2010

All console warriors, lay down your weapons and surrender at once: It's been scientifically (?) proven by Famitsu magazine that the PlayStation 3 had the highest-quality software library for the year 2010. (Assuming you trust Famitsu's reviews, that is.)

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Warprincess1162780d ago

We already know this. PS3 exclusives are better than 360 exclusives and PS3 is gone win this title again in 2011.

TreMillz2780d ago

its been official since 1995

doa7662780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

and of 2011, and of 2009 and of 2008

on 2007 the 360 had better line up but that was back when they were trying to still PS2's audience with core games, unlike now that they're trying to still Wii' audience with casual shovelware like the michael phelps swimming

in 2006 PS3 was on the market for a month a half so it doesn't count

DERKADER2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

It's official Picasso is better than Dali and DC is better then Marvel. Art forms are a matter of personal option claiming something as official is childish.

King_of _the_Casuals2780d ago

I think even bill Gates would admit that.

DarkFantasy2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Scientifically proven!?!..DAMN! just can't argue with science.

@DERKADER "DC is better then Marvel" You're damn right it is!!,marvel is awesome too but DC is the best! I'm a huge fan of both :)

Commander_TK2780d ago

I think the Wii had the most. I mean, look at the amount of exclusives it had this year.

Istanbull2780d ago

Its been official? Jeez, some people are late to the party.

PS3 had the best games in 2008, 2009, 2010, nothing will change in 2011.

teething2780d ago

I don't care because i own all platforms and am way behind in My game library at the moment. I am just finishin assassin's creed 2, and have yet to finish red dead, or start starcraft 2.

This year is a bit boring to me... Aside from me3 and crysis 2. I am feeling the shooter fatigue. The last guardian is a must buy... But i suspect it will be 2012.

HappyGaming2779d ago

2010 was pretty close but 2009 was a clear better year for the PS3... and 2011 the PS3 can no longer be seen in the race because it is too far ahead.

Megaton2779d ago

2010 is debatable, but PS3 was the clear winner in 2008 and 2009.

Trebius2779d ago

DOA, it's STEAL not STILL moron ... reading your post made me dumber. Thanks.

SasanovaS19872779d ago

im labeled immature for calling out an idiot when i see one? obviously the article has been approved, so whos right? DERHHHH

AAACE52779d ago

No sh*t? What do we win?

...Oh, all we win is the choice of deciding which games we want to buy for either console... I thought there was something more important ahead!

Honestly people... who really gives a f*ck? You and I are going to buy what the hell we want anyway, so does this really matter?

I guess for people who have nothing better to do, it does!

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tehpees32780d ago

And it will only get better in 2011.

The Last Guardian, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Socom, Twisted Metal, Ico collection.

Its never been a better time to be a PS3 owner

vsr2779d ago

Every gamer knows that. There are 350 million PS systems are ruling the world Since 1994. None can break !!!!!!!

jeseth2779d ago

Oh and don't forget . . . Infamous 2, MLB The Show, LBP2, Sorcery, DC Universe Online, Resistance 3, Motorstorm . . . .

The list is insane.

Playstation, it only does the best library of games since PSone.

k-dillinger2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


what 360 exclusives i can only name one gears...
ohh and kinect something

TheBrit2780d ago

another forza, bunch of kinect horror, rail etc games. there are actually double digit exclusives coming out for the 360 that have been mentioned, there are still a bunch that have not and a lot of those exclusives are NEW games, not #2 or #3 or #4 in the series.

so, its not as bad as most try to make it out to be.

doa7662780d ago

and forza 4, and that's it

guitarded772780d ago

No, it's as bad as people are making it out... I wish the 360 had some more exclusive games WORTH HAVING, but sadly, Gears is the only definite must have in 2011 for me. The PS3 just has a shit-ton of better exclusives and I get all my multi-plats for the PS3 because I'm a trophy whore... so yeah, if it wasn't for Gears, I'd sell the box.

RonRico2780d ago

Cant remember the last time the 360 had this few announced games; real games I mean.

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otherZinc2780d ago

Its "official" in Opinion Only.

NPD says 360 is smashing the hell out of the PS3 in exclusive popularity. See, thats a fact, not ones opinion! Consumers put their money on it, reviewers put their opinion on it.

Numbers dont lie, people do!

If you disagree with this, state your name & NPD facts to prove your point. Now let the public know your name, so you disagreers can "officially" be labeled the village idiot of your town.

ugo2780d ago

so npd is accurate? give me a break

Dno2780d ago

NPD is king because its the whole world..
Right? RIGHT!!?.... /s

telekineticmantis2780d ago

He is the king of all musical Aritists After all based on popularit atleast, and that's all that matters. Anyway it doesn't really matter and No one should care. All that matters is that you have what you wanna play in your home and you're having fun, Cheers!

UnwanteDreamz2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Ahahahahaa did you really just post that? Come on your post is just as ignorant and arrogant as this article. Just stop with all the sales/ reviews = quality games because it is BS.

ps3360games2780d ago

metacritic says ps3 and wii is smashing the hell out of the xbox 360 in exclusive thats a fact

bluwulf2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


I bet you wish NPD was a game, so you'd have something to play this year.

PS3 has all the 360 multiplats, the best part is not paying a premium to play online.

YodaCracker2779d ago

@ps3360games "metacritic says ps3 and wii is smashing the hell out of the xbox 360 in exclusive thats a fact"

Did you even check Metacritic before making that statement, because it's entirely untrue? On Metacritic, out of 29 AAA games, the PS3 has 9 exclusives, out of 35 AAA games, the Xbox 360 has 11 exclusives, and out of 11 AAA games, the Wii has 7 exclusives.

So much for the PS3 and Wii "smashing the hell out of the Xbox 360".

And it turns out that on N4G blatant lies get Agrees as long as they're in favor of the PS3. Who could have imagined it?

YodaCracker2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

@bluwulf "I bet you wish NPD was a game, so you'd have something to play this year. PS3 has all the 360 multiplats, the best part is not paying a premium to play online."

Really, the PS3 has all the 360 multiplatforms? Even the 360/PC console exclusives that aren't allowed to be counted toward the 360's 2011 lineup? Hmm, I was always told they were multiplatform, but they can't be because now I'm told the PS3 has all the 360's multiplatform games. So which is it? Get your stories straight, guys!

You can only try to downplay the 360's lineup for so long before your whole scheme starts falling apart.

So are SC: Conviction, Metro 2033, Mass Effect, Fable III, Left 4 Dead, etc. still multiplatform? Because if they are then the PS3 most certainly does not have all the 360's multiplatform games. These "console exclusives" are a big part of the 360 lineup because Microsoft publishes for their other platform, Windows, while Sony does not have another such platform to publish for.

When you leave console exclusives out of the 360 lineup to make it appear smaller, you are only fooling yourself.

ufo8mycat2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

OTHERZINC, it's pretty much official. It's not that difficult to see the PS3 has the better lineup.

Sales does not equal quality either
COD is proof of that.

duplissi2779d ago

so people, tell me why do you give a shit...
so what ps3 only owners have a few more games to choose from this year... how many of you will still jizz all over these games:
mass effect 3
battlefield 3
batman arkham city
crysis 2
LA noire
portal 2

yeah i prefer my playstation but if all i had to play was just a few of these (minus cod of course) games this year i would still be happy.

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SpitFireAce852780d ago

Tell us something we dont

TheDivine2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

No way, better 2011 lineup for sure but 2010 is xbox all the way. Come on all ps3 had was gow3, heavy rain and gt5. 360 had mass effect 2, alan wake, conviction, reach, metro 2033, the dragon knight saga, fable 3 and the kinect launch and the new slim. I love my ps3 and im enjoying gow3 right now but the 360 had epic game after epic game. Every title i listed are must play games to me I didnt list crackdown 2, 99 nights 2, dance central exc. 2010 was the best 360 year ever, they had more eclusives and better multiplats with exclusive dlc. I cant believe anyone acually believes sony had a better lineup or more games. I guess if you dont have a 360 you wouldnt know how great 2010 was for 360 owners.

ufo8mycat2779d ago

TheDivine - ME2 now on PS3.
Alan Wake was GREAT
Conviction - shit
Reach - shit
Metro - shit
fable 3 - shit

PS3 had:
GOW3 - great
Heavy Rain - great
GT5 - great

So PS3 has 3 great games compared to 1
Therefore PS3 WINS

baodeus2779d ago

Alan wake: great
Conviction: great
Reach: great
Fable 3: alright

GoW3: shit
Heavy rain: great
GT5: disappointment

I see it differently, so how does this work, you are right and i'm wrong. It is official that you are correct or what?

So what is consider Official, like is there a scientific fact or something to prove it other wise, cause i only see opinion here.

frostypants2779d ago

Reach wasn't sh*t OR great.

Reach was "meh". Solid, but it didn't really bring anything outstanding to the table.

baodeus2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


How it is meh and other FPS isn't meh because it doesn't bring anything new to the table? Like other FPS bringing something new to the table or something?

example: gameplay, contents, graphics, etc...? Be specific please, why it is meh?

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sobekflakmonkey2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

i think 2010 kinda sucked for PS3 exclusives, 2011 is where its at, I can honestly say that, this year has the best line-up of games the PS3 has ever seen, im actually blown away by it, and im not talking about the amount of exclusives im talking about the quality of these games, its just ridiculous.

Who knew you could have quantity and quality?

RedRedSuitSDF2779d ago

LMAO... just saw in another story... all the PS3 fans saying how reviews don't matter, and don't listen to reviews... and in this one, those very same people are saying "of course ps3 is better", now they're using reviews. :) LOL... this site. wow!

BlackTar1872779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

need a tissue? You probably used the whole box already from all your other sad but look look look posts.

tacosRcool2779d ago

And Sony has the most varied exclusives that aren't shovel ware like on the Wii

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remanutd552780d ago

well keep the steady amount of exclusive games coming sony , thats all im asking and i want the same support ps3 is getting nowadays on NGP

Fishy Fingers2780d ago

Yeah and if you asked a US publication they'd probably find the 360 to have had best line up.

It's all opinion of course, but Sony do pump out the exclusives.

InTheLab2779d ago

Didn't IGN do the same thing a month or two ago which crowned 360 king accourding to their reviews?

Undeadwolfy2779d ago

You cant spell Ignorant without IGN...

Master of Unlocking2780d ago

LOL, by a landslide at that. And yes, I tend to trust Famitsu more than, say, IGN or edge for example.

supremacy2780d ago

Should I be surprised about this?

Xwow20082780d ago

Its just another duh article :)