Wired - Hands On: Duke Nukem Forever Parties Like It’s 1997

Most first-person shooters start with a massive battle to get the player’s heart racing, something that sets the tone for what’s to come. Duke Nukem Forever opens with the main character relieving himself in a urinal.

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Mista T2662d ago

this game is just gonna be so epic on so many levels. Fun is gonna be off the charts

dalibor2662d ago

Well when you do fight against the opposition you do have to relieve yourself sooner or later by whatever means necessary.

Zinc2662d ago

Hey, 1997 was a pretty good time. X-Files was on... I didn't have to pay for my own food... Still had 2 years before The Matrix changed our lives... X-Files was on.

stuntman_mike2662d ago

I think you forgot about X-Files being on...

YoungKingDoran2662d ago

why isnt 3d realms' logo on the box?
i know theyre kind of in limbo at the moment, but hell theyre the ones that have done MOST of the work on this game.
poor george, so close to finishing.