3D Gaming is Doomed to Fail [Game Rant]

Game Rant's Jason Weissman writes: "Sony and Nintendo have invested heavily in 3D as the future of gaming. Will their efforts be in vain?

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Warprincess1162865d ago

From reading that article. There look like there more positives than negatives. 3D gaming looks amazing and i think it here to stay.

SasanovaS19872865d ago

it will stay as an option. it will become cheap and optional in the next 5 years, so u will always have a choice to watch 3D or not. its here to stay

otherZinc2865d ago

3D console gaming is going to fail hard!

Of the 8 people that purchased a 3D tv, -11 purchased it to play games.

DlocDaBudSmoka2865d ago

i got mine to play games. 3d movies is just a bonus.

evilmonkey5012865d ago

I feel bad for people that get sick from 3d. Its a lot of fun.I bought a 3d tv for gaming and movies. You guys were saying the same thing about the PS3 and HDTV 2 years ago as well.(No one wants it or needs it...blah blah blah).

You were all wrong.

With the NFL, NBA and pro soccer all going 3d on TV this year, I hardly see how it can fail. Every major motion picture studio is now filming almost all movies in 3d. In Japan, they already have 3d broadcast tv.

You don't have to like 3d.The fact is, this time its here to stay.

JasonW19722865d ago


The article only applies to 3D gaming. New 3D movies and television shows are generally presented differently than games, so that less eye strain occurs. I actually enjoy watching sports in 3D.

However, there is a big difference between HD and 3D. The former doesn't cause discomfort and the latter does. Therefore, a certain percentage of the population will avoid it even when the equipment becomes cheaper.

As of now, the tech isn't selling as well as expected. Fox stated that they didn't broadcast the recent Super Bowl in 3D because of low penetration numbers.

Ninver2865d ago

fail rant. guess what? if i like it it doesn't fail.

plb2865d ago

Well um 3DS preorders are outpacing Wii preorders so sure about that plus a big list of developers for that system? PS3 has tons of devs who add 3d support to their games so yeah..ok

GameRant2865d ago

Wii's lifecycle is over so how are you comparing pre-orders of an infinitely inferior and dated system to a new tech....?

3D support is being added, but as an option. As it stands, it's not a selling point.

MarioWarfare2865d ago

3d gives me and my dad and brother a headache so we have no plans to get a 3dtv or 3ds but if some people enjoy it then I have no problem but it just isn't for me.

Raven_Nomad2865d ago

Well duh! Seriously. 3-D has always been a passing Fad. Of course it's going to fail in every form.

UnwanteDreamz2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Passing fad that has been around since the 1950's. Please name another "fad" that has hung on that long.

jacobsiegal2865d ago

To be fair, 3D has not exactly "hung on". How much 3D did you see in the 90's? I don't remember even a whisper of 3D that wasn't ironic or ill-conceived. Fads can fade in and out, and 3D needs to fade back out.

UnwanteDreamz2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

3D did die down in the 90's but that was after huge popularity in the 80's it came back within a decade to again capture attention in a huge way. In 04 The Polar Express made 14 times as much in the cinemas showing the film in 3D than the 2D theatres.

You know some people thought console gaming was a fad as well. The arcades offered a better expierence at a "cheaper" price. Now arcades are all but dead and consloe gaming is the future (I include PC when I say console). Just my opinion.

Raven_Nomad2865d ago

Painfully, Hip Hop music. Also, 3-D comes and goes. It's a stopgap this generation to try to "act" like a new technology. In general the real movie makers are already sick of it.

Anytime you put a focus on a gimmick, you take away from the real drama and story telling. Personally I haven't been to a 3-D movie this decade. I don't see a point. I mean I watched Avatar at the movies, but in standard version. I thought it was a fair movie, but not worth the hype. If movies and or games need that "hook" or angle to suck people in, then the companies making them have failed. Give me a Rebel Without A Cause or True Grit anyday.

gcolley2865d ago

now go research all the 3D movies made. 50's, 80's and now. i wouldn't call that a continuing fad, more like a reoccurring fad.

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