GameSpot Reviews Halo 3 has reviewed Halo 3. The reviewer, Jeff Gerstmann, is known for his harsh review of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii, but how will Halo 3 fare? Hit the jump to read the review and see the score.

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ktchong4097d ago

in case you can't get to the site.

stunt2134097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Halo 3 is getting amazing reviews from every site

socomnick4097d ago

Sweet halo 3 is doing great I cant wait. By the way anyone wana teach me the ropes to halo 3 multiplayer im a ps2 refugee so I never played halo 1 or 2

socomnick4097d ago

lol yea when I had ps2 I only musta bought like 5 games during whole lifetime That I had it Devil may cry , mgs 2+3 , god of war and resident evil 4. Now in less than a year with my xbox 360 ive bought like 12 - 20 games lol. Guess Im more into western type games from a western console.

Xi4097d ago

Halo will break 90000.

Timesplitter144097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

It's over 9000, not 90000 (if that's what you meant)

Xi4097d ago

but it's already at 77k So it passed 9k a while ago.

Daxx4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

No, These are Spartans! ^_^

(Yeah I just went there.)

Timesplitter144097d ago


(kicks ownage into a hole)

BADBOYEK44097d ago

There have been a World Wide Earthquake, Ooops Wait a Minute thats not an Earthquake, Thats HALO 3 and it SHOOK UP THE WORLD.

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The story is too old to be commented.