CVG Review Halo 3

Halo 3 will be in your 360 in a matter of days. There's no point even cracking one of those overused "unless you've been hiding in a..." lines because even if you have, you'll still know about the imminent arrival of Bungie's monolithic megaton shooter

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Meus Renaissance4103d ago

A short campaign and still a 9.7? The Multiplayer must be of unthinkable quality then.

nobizlikesnowbiz4103d ago

I'd say 10-12 hours on Heroic difficulty is average length for a shooter right?

Maybe I'm wrong but most shooters I've ever played take about that long to complete.

Keep in mind Normal is for people that don't play FPS's, while Easy is for people who straight up don't play games.

TheExecutive4103d ago

Lol in the downers it says:

"Some other stuff we can't talk about..."

Does that indicate possible spoilers? I wonder what the ending is like.

HyperBear4103d ago

FUKIN A. THIS GAME IS GONNA BE AWESOME. Jesus, when was the last time you saw a game on N4G, that took up the last 10 news stories on the front page, all of which are reviews and had a game degree almost at 80,000 degrees, the lowest review score yet is 9.5/10 and what game comes out in under 36hours. THATS RIGHT SONYFUKERS, HALO 3. Nasim is preolly rolling is his little Sony hut that this "cartoony game", just kicked PS3's @ss.

P.S. - This will be the only fanboyic statement ill make, just cause its Halo 3. lol

Timesplitter144103d ago

Sorry but a game that has such mediocre singleplayer cannot get a 9.7/10.

The reviews lose all their credibility

nobizlikesnowbiz4103d ago

I don't remember reading anything about mediocre singleplayer. Just maybe it's 'short'. By that meaning 10-12 hours on Heroic, or less if your playing on an easier difficulty.

How did Timesplitters ever score well then? Timesplitters practically had no single player. Yet it scored well.

Did the reviewers lose credibility then?

Meus Renaissance4103d ago

I just quoted the damn article lol

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