IGN: Halo 3 UK Review-9.5

Reviewer writes:
Right, let's throw this out there right away. Halo 3's single player campaign is disappointing. There. Phew! Said it. For three good reasons I'll elaborate on in a minute. But before you frame letters to your MP, allow me to quickly qualify this and begin with a confession. I'm a card-carrying, bought-the-action-figure, tried-it-on-legendary,

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Timesplitter144073d ago

Halo's campaign is disappointing... that's not new!
(wears anti-disagree armor)

gunnerforlife4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

wow did i actually hear a Microsoft owned website say single player was disappointing. has the world gone mad i say, holy crap hell no did he just say HS looks better than halo 3 dats just creaming flame on. now let me read the rest of the review. wow he also said the story was very short and its still got a 9.5,now thats what u call fanbois lol.

Dpa4073d ago

THANK YOU! This review is a decent one, it overlooks the hype and gives constructive criticism!!

skynidas4073d ago

Halo 3 is an overhyped game