GameInsider: Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo Impression

Complimenting all the action, Guerrilla Games implements both realtime gameplay with in-game action-cut-scenes that oozes with Hollywood blockbuster quality and gathering that this demo only scratches the surface of what awaits players with the full single-player experience along with the addicting multiplayer, shooter fans are certainly in for an amazing first person shooter experience.

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just_looken2596d ago

the cutscense are pre renderd if you use a different gun than the isa rifle during cutscenes your holding a isa rifle. either than that the demo was great a 9/10.

starcrafter2596d ago

- for loading purposes only.

CernaML2596d ago

That would explain the massive ISO size. They are rendered incredibly sharp and high res though. Unlike most multiplatforms games that uses that low bitrate POS called Bink video.

edwineverready2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

It think it's a great demo. It's long and you get to use two different heavy weapons and the jet pack. what more do you want!

DrRichtofen2596d ago

I just finished the demo. The first thing I did was run up to the nearest enemy and try to get a brutal melee, and finding out that you can slide into cover was a cool surprise I didn't know they added it. BTW at the jetpack scene anybody else notice that the ice burgs you land on, bob around in the ocean while you're on them. Little details like that really get you immersed.

jony_dols2596d ago

I thought I wasted a lot of money on my 3D tv.

That was until I played Killzone 3.

mushroomwig2596d ago

Playing through the demo first using the Move and then using the DS3 controller and I have to say this...

..the Move feels so much better, well at least for me. It felt so sluggish going back to the standard controller, taking me longer to do certain things.

The trailer at the end of the demo seemed better quality than the one from the store, am I the only one who thinks that?

xtremegamerage2596d ago


Wait till you play motorstorm apocalypse:)

Now that's 3D.

thief2595d ago

Yes, racing through a crunmling city in 3D would be epic