Test Drive Unlimited 2 Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is plagued by issues like Low Performance, steering handling, sound problem, and graphic bugs.

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Miths2663d ago

The only issue I've run into so far - but a HUGE one at that - is the complete and utter lack of force feedback (except for basic vibration effects) with my Logitech G25 wheel. And many others have reported the same for a variety of wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec.
In fact I've yet to see anyone at all confirm that they actually have working force feedback in the PC version.

HardcoreGamer2663d ago

damn i need to cancel my order

JS1HUNDRED2663d ago

the issues are for PC. Take this article out of thew 360 section.

aaaaaaaaa2663d ago

Yet another game I wanted until I read in the forums
I was kind of waiting for something like this article to appear

Psychotica2663d ago

I had a sound issue once when I quit a race. The menu sounds worked but no sound from the car.

The fact I can't skip cut scenes drives me insane.

MrMikedi670d ago

I have the same problem but reversed; my menu click sounds don't work and neither do the checkpoint or quick action (windows, indicators, etc.) sounds work whatsoever. I'm playing on 360 and this just happens randomly. Restarting the console will only help for about 15 minutes or so. A day passes and everything is fine again.

MrMikedi670d ago

Is anyone even going to fix this shit? I highly doubt it...

TABSF2663d ago

Its a fun game, nothing special.

Was it worth £24.99 on Steam, no!!.
Still going to get my moneys worth.

On the Simulation scale (1 = Mario Kart - 10 = iRacing)

2-3 Its extremely arcadey even with Hardcore driving physics, Faster cars seem to handle a bit more realistic but still worst and most racing games.
Great for just cruising, a open world version of Outrun really.

6/10 that's my opinion.

bumnut2663d ago

agreed, 6/10 is about right.

It does not even want to run in full screen!

i get quite poor performance and have the following pc:

i7 950 @3.7Ghz
12 Gig ddr3
xfx 5870

Poor programming imo and i wish steam did refunds.

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