Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review Plagiarized

StrengthGamer: "...I take my job very seriously.
When writing a review on a video game I truly take pride in my work... So when I read a review - then read another review - and notice they are the same, I get angry.

That's exactly what David Garfield of the Examiner did to Oli Welsh of Below you will find both articles side by side for your reading pleasures."

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WutPleaze2663d ago

Wow - that's absolutely ridiculous! I hope legal actions are taken

thrasherv32663d ago

It's so obvious...maybe he wanted to get caught?lol

UnSelf2663d ago

i think its all just a coincidence lol

Keyop2663d ago

Are you sure it's not the same person as a ghost writer? It's common practice in the media industry. Of course it could also be a complete rip off, just saying...

Corrwin2663d ago

What did you expect from "the Examiner". The articles posted here are either "Quick look at the screen shots only we and the rest of the press are allowed to show", or useless new trivia.

Urmomlol2663d ago

I'm not sure what's more pathetic --Examiner for the plagiarism or Strengthgamer for sticking their nose into other people's affairs and trying to get hits from it.

Worry about your own crappy articles before playing watch dog for everyone else.

gameguidedog2663d ago

David Garfield already IS famous morons!

Watch "The Suitcase" which hit #1 on amazon on demand, and invite him over, he'll have a pizza cutter waiting for you too!

fredfenster2663d ago

Brings back memories of high school. Although I wasn't that obvious and didn't get caught :p

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The story is too old to be commented.