Walmart Canada Lowering Price of PS3 $110 - Flyer leak

80GB Bundle PS3 $549 ... $110 off the normal price.

Effective Sept 28th...

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nasim3616d ago

with disappointing HALO 3 MS has nothing left to combat ps3.

This is the right time for SONY to pin nail in x360's coffin.

eu and japan gone...NA is left but would be gone for sure


killercam193616d ago

is it me or can anyone else imagine nasim to be the biggest f*cking loser just try to imagine a nerdy ass motherfu*ka typing fast and laughing while stuffing his face with chips thinking they are so cool

HeavyweightInTheGame3616d ago

hahaha funny sh!t man. I see it. So thats what he looks like.

DrWan3616d ago

please stop, u r making ppl hate the PS3

MrSwede3616d ago

Hate is spreading like a plague on n4g because of guys like you.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3616d ago

nasim is an X360 fanboy. Just like that "Sony Protecton/Defense Force/Group whatever" site is owned by Wii360.

Snukadaman3616d ago

he has one bubble...i have too open his comments for a some people dont buy into sonys brand loyalty BS like many early adapters who are sitting on every sony game like it is a piece of technology from god himself. I will say that if sony would of kept focused on just games they would not be where they are with the hate and 3rd place showing right now. Imagine a 400 dollar ps3 with no blu-ray and you see sony in 1st place this holiday season.

sak5003616d ago

Why are you guys even bothered with what this turd is writing. I'm not cuz i dont see him hahahaha

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3616d ago

oh come on, Snukadaman. We're not all like that. I'd say majority are not. We just bought PS3 because we know that it will have the games that we have grown to love over the years, FF, MGS, ICO, R&C. I personally think PS3 has many games. Considering that it hasn't even been a year. Not to mention Europe, where I live. It's been a few months since it came out. It just needs some time.

And, maybe a PS3 without BluRay would be the 1st this holiday season, but where would it be 3-4 years from now then? Don't be shortsighted. I know that if PS3 came out without BD, I'd be very dissapionted. It's always been about more capacity each gen. It enables better games. Like DVD technology enabled GTA to happen.


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ironwolf3616d ago

it's just a currency realignment.

kspraydad3616d ago

Would bring the price to $599 not $549....maybe it is a precursor to a US drop? (though the weak US dollar is hurting Sony's ability to drop in the US)

BTW I'm not the one who 'disagreed' with you.

ironwolf3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

but you can also find them on sale for $549 in some places in the states.

My local store has the 80gig/Motorstorm bundle for $599, but individual stores and /or regions can temporarily sell them for less as loss leaders.

Doesn't matter much though, $549 is still $100 more than a 360 Elite, and $200 more than a 360 Premium.

You'll notice this add is for an anniversary sale, and they also have a 360 Premium/Forza 2 bundle at a reduced price.

rogimusprime3616d ago

the US dollar just matched the Canadian dollar for the first time since 1976 on friday. Canada always had more expensive prices on electronics, it's not even close. Plus they get taxed way more. My point is the Canadians will pay a lower price for the PS3, but still more than us here in the US

Snukadaman3615d ago

sony should do what they are supposed to do with the playstation...keep the focus on games....BD could of been brought out like the hd-dvd add on like microsoft did, which in turn lowers the price of the ps3 and it then has a bigger install base. as we speak no game takes advantage of bd. you honestly think the ps3's 10 year plan will honestly be implemented? is stupid if they are not working on a ps4. but they gambled on blu-ray so now we are all stuck with it.

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Satanas3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

549 is currently the $CAD 60GB price. If this is actually true, that model should enter the $400s CAD.

"Wal-Mart Anniversary Celebration 9/28"
"$549.83 (Save $110)"

By the looks of it, it's just a sale

Barreldragon003616d ago

Great now who lives is Canada?

skynidas3616d ago

good for the canadians that want to buy a ps3.