PlayStation Store Global Update – February 8, 2011

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week’s PlayStation Store Update.

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ftwrthtx2868d ago

Late store update, but at least it's up.

BigPete79782868d ago

I'll be picking up the Mass Effect 2 DLC out of support alone, as well as the 3 month Legendary DCUO Subscription.

Sev2868d ago

Very late this week. I've seen it delayed over 24 hours before, so I can't complain.

ftwrthtx2868d ago

I remember that update.

BigPete79782868d ago

I remember some of the updates PS3 owners used to get when it first launched, man I used to get excited over trailers at times back then haha.

Octo12868d ago

Stacking and Killzone 3 single player demo. That is all...

ftwrthtx2868d ago

That's quite a bit just for PS+ subscribers

Octo12868d ago

Sorry. You did not get how I was trying to get what I wrote across. I guess it would have been better if I wrote
Stacking and KZ3. Nuff Said...

T3mpr1x2868d ago

Stacking and KZ3 demo. Good to see The Undergarden get a demo, that's one game that I do want to try out before I decide on buying it or not.

nevin12868d ago

Just the demos for me.

Myst2868d ago

Hmm Super puzzle fighters looks tempting as of now. Did not see an avatar I really wanted sadly. Will continue using the same one I suppose.

ftwrthtx2868d ago

I want more "Select" avatars to choose from, or maybe a way to superimpose the "Select" tag on all of the existing ones..

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