3D TV How Does It Work Without Glasses And Is It A Viable Solution?

"The biggest barrier for the mass adoption of HDTVs was getting content for the consumer. It was getting the TV networks to switch over to HD so that new expensive TV would be worth the money. The problem with mass adoption for 3D TV isn’t getting content, there are already networks jumping on 3D as well as movies already coming out in 3D. The problem is the glasses that every person needs to wear to see 3D. The best solution is to get rid of the glasses."

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Chaostar2842d ago

"Toshiba has already made consumer level 3D TVs that don’t require glasses. However with a screen size of just 20 inches and a price tag of $2,900 it’s safe to say most consumers won’t be buying it."

20" for nearly £3000!

Glasses-free is just not viable at the moment and will take years for the tech to offer anything a consumer would be interested in. I know I definitely wouldn't trade a 55" and a few grand for 20" just to be rid of some glasses.

It looks as though glasses are here to stay for the foreseeable future and those that love 3D won't let that little irritation stand in the way of their entertainment.

I look forward to the day that 3D without glasses comes but I can't see it being affordable and convenient for at least 3-5 years.

codyodiodi2842d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure it will be at least then before it becomes viable.

Cheaper glasses seem like a better solution. If you could buy a pair for $50 that worked on every TV I could see people without 3D TVs buying the glasses just to enjoy 3D at a friends house.

Chaostar2842d ago

I agree that there needs to be some standardization with the glasses. As for the price, right now I can buy a pair for £40, which I think is around the $50 mark so they are becoming more affordable quite fast.

I'm hoping that some savvy company will swoop in and create a converter to allow any 3d glasses to work with any 3DTV, there is obviously a demand for it.