Virtua Fighter 5 Ad Shows Console Differences

A new magazine ad for Virtua Fighter 5 makes the differences between the two versions of the game (PS3 and Xbox360) very clear, stating that the Xbox360 version is "NOW ONLINE", but the PS3 version "Does Not Include Online Play." This promotes purchase on one console only...interesting advertising.

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tudors3829d ago

is the better version, I would not have thought it would be too hard to patch the PS3 version though.

MikeMichaels3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

You can't blame them for trying to sell the 360 version.

This is 100% gonna recveive a patch for online play on the PS3, but they cant say that now or else nobody is gonna buy it on the 360. Duh.

barom3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Ya know VF5 is gonna be a year old when X360 version is released. It's already at 39$ at most places and probably will get lower (30? 20?). So disregarding the possible price cut on VF5, X360 owners had to wait and pay 20$ extra for online. To compare Tekken 5: DR got an online patch for 10$ extra which we also had to wait for.

My point? Ya shouldn't be bashing the PS3 version so much.

This was only aimed at people like the one who posted this crap article.

mikeslemonade3828d ago

This feature doesn't matter because this game won't sell that well anyway in North America. This is a system seller in Japan and they can careless about online and the 360.

felidae3829d ago

ps3 version looks better but online on the 360 is nice.

babyhand3829d ago

You haven't played both!

tplarkin73828d ago

Please change your avatar. I want to vomit everytime I see it.

Omegasyde3829d ago

Twice The fighters as Virtua Fighter 5
and only Half the Cost of Virtua Fighter 5.
NOW ONLINE in 1080p.

:) I do hope Soul Calibur get onlines modes since it seems the new trends in fight games is Online Vs. I hope they bring back the console exclusive fighters as well.

Master Chief For Soul Cablibur 4 on 360
Link/Mario for Soul Calibur Legends and....
(WTF IS THE MASCOT FOR PS3?) on Soul Cablibur 4 on PS3

Edit: Ratch/ jak? or the red headed chick from heavenly sword?

ShiftyLookingCow3829d ago

I have Tekken 5 on my PS3, while I am not good at it, I can for certain say it looks like a PSP game running at 1080p with some better effects. It doesnt come close to VF5 in graphics thats for sure. As for gameplay, I guess it depends on peoples preferences.

WAR_MACHINE773829d ago

I've been saying since soul calibur 2 that Dante would be great for the PS version. Still wish the PS2 would have gotten Spawn.

rushbd3829d ago

Unlike Xbox and Nintendo ,the Playstation doesnt depend on a single mascot or two. It has loads of them. TO some it's Snake ,to some it's ratchet , to some it's jak and i can name many more. but you get the perspective . dont you ?

duarteq3829d ago

I agree with you. I have a PS3 and now that Tekken have online, even if Sega guys patch the game for online i don't care.And Tekken 6 is on the way also with online mode. Sega came to late. Wake up Sega guys, this is Living, not a Repair Department.

Shankle3829d ago

Absolutely Dante and Snake. Possibly Ratchet. Could have been crash if he hadn't started sucking after the ps1.

Bnet3433829d ago

they have a both been on xbox, so it wouldn't make sense.

Shankle3829d ago

But their home is the playstation, especially snake.
Who would you prefer? cloud? nariko!?!? *guffaw*

Siesser3829d ago

Umm, I believe there's that Kratos guy who's very weapon-oriented...

TheZippo3816d ago

the red headed chick would be pretty cool.

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SCThor3829d ago

That's why I prefer Tekken. They should put console failure ratios too.

toughNAME3829d ago

stupidest comment of the week...right here

your the poster boy for fanboys

Shankle3829d ago

Well frankly, he's right. Though it's not necessarily the right thread to say it, the red ring of death problem should be more openly warned about. Seeing as a product with such a high failure rate shouldn't even be on the market, the least that should be done is to ensure that everybody who buys one knows about the issue beforehand. It's currently causing a massive violation of company-consumer trust.

NeonSkull3829d ago

that ps3 does not need online because we have real friends to come round and play, 360 owners have no real friends thus there dedication to xbox live, and its inclusion in virtual fighter 5 for online play. simple really. no online and it just would not sell to the loner 360 owner.

babyhand3829d ago

Person above me.
That's why people complain that there are idiots on this site.

HeavyweightInTheGame3829d ago

It comes with local play as well as online. So if I want to play against my friends, I can. If I want to play against a human opponenet I can as well. With the PS3 version, all you get is local play. And if you have no friends around at the moment, guess're stuck playing all by yourself like an outcast my friend. Besides, how old are you? 6? You're too young to play this game.

NeonSkull3829d ago

if i wanna play on line i'll play warhawk. its true that 360 owners have a lack of friends. it just a fact my friend.

HeavyweightInTheGame3828d ago

I have a PS3 but I think its a dumb idea. I think it shows that loners ps3 players who have no friends and live in their parents basement all alone can get a taste of what its like to interact with other people and go outside on the town. Don't give me that crap that xbox gamers have no friends. You may have, I may have, but that is just stereotypical and stupid reason to back up why VF5 has no online. If thats the case, I don't want to hear anymore complaints from any ps3 fans about the lack of multiplayer in a game. I guess you should take it as a compliment in that situation.

test1231233828d ago

What a joke? Yeah get all your friend to come to your house and play. But Xbox 360 gets all friends around the world to play. :)

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