Gaming on a College Budget: Part 1

College News: "Let’s face it, college is a perpetual state of being broke. There are those lucky few who get fantastic jobs or have a trust fund, but most of us are barely scraping by. When you’re grappling with the decision of buying food for a couple of weeks or the newest “Call of Duty,” food (normally) will win. Fear not all you cash-poor college gamers. There are multitudes of ways you can take those meager left-over pennies after paying the pizza guy and turn them into a worthwhile gaming experience."

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ATiElite2689d ago

When i was in college I always kept two or three of the hottest games for when we just sat around hanging out. in college you can always find used games super cheap or someone trading them.

All in all when in college you will be way to busy going out with girls to be sitting in your dorm room gaming. Seriously.

thebudgetgamer2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

yea, i'm usually pretty busy with job and homework.
my first semester i set up a game trade on campus and we like sixty people involved and once a month we meet in the cafe.

coolasj2689d ago

I approve of this article. But, yes. You usually are too busy hanging out with other people being outwardly social instead of into the video games. At the perfect point, the video games become just another social event. Key example : SMSB , PS3 Fighting Games , and Halo Online Co-Op.
My main concentration right now is rebuilding the PS2 collection I used to have as a kid. It's cheap , nostalgic , and you get soooooo much value.

SilverSlug2689d ago

Check for deals. ... all the time. INTERNET is the greatest gift to shopping cheap..

Lucreto2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Depends where you go to college as well and other factors.

My course only cost me €1500 a year due to government subsidies and living in bus distance from my house also helps.

Optical_Matrix2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I'm at in my first year at university at the moment. Course costs £3500 a year, which is is loaned to me by the government. My parents are paying for my accommodation down here, and as with everyone else, I also get £3600 a year to cover things like food and everything else which is broken up into £1200 every semester.

Obviously I don't spend £1200 in 3 months (1 semester) just on food, so I use the money on other things like going out, gaming...just anything I need. Like supplies for my course, printer ink etc. It's a useful set up. So far I've managed to pick up GT5, Naruto UNS2, Demons Souls and I have Killzone 3 and MvC3 on pre-order, and will have plenty of money to spare for living expenses up until the next £1200 in April.

If you want to game hard at uni, then it's all about how you manage your money. A lot of the time the money gets blown on food and going out. You can eat a lot, and go out a lot at uni and still have plenty of money for gaming if you know how to spend your money wisely, which I'm learning.

Obviously going to be in debt to the government in excess of £19,000 but the way I see it, if you're getting all that money for simply being a student, and it' just sitting should use it lol

thehitman2689d ago

right now im balancing my budget I have almost no money atm... but I have a hefty F-Aid check coming in next month so ima load my CC w/ KZ3 and some others until then xd.

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