Treyarch: There are no 'bug free' games

"It is unfortunate that those [bugs] have to exist at all," Olin told the gaming publication. "In an ideal world, we would love to ship a completely bug-proof game. I can't think of a single developer in the world, though, that could achieve that."

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tony67672664d ago

well mag is 256 players and i never saw a lag since i got it

TurismoGTR2664d ago

Attention Treyarch.. Your Game sucks. Bug Free or not.

egidem2664d ago

It's true. He's swimming in our pile of money, and all he can do is blame it on the bugs?? How about he get off his ass and fix the issues at hand?

mandf2664d ago

I hate COD but, zombie mode is awesome for gamers who want to test their skills. I made it to level 36 on my own. What a rush and time waster.

TheBossMan2664d ago

Apparently "We fucked up" is difficult to say for some people.

deafwing2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I disagree Treyarch.
Flower has no bugs lol and if it does we don't know about it.

point is, yes, games have em but I'm starting to think that these are just included in the game because, well, treyarch/whoever is aware that gamers love exploiting them.

If they owned up to that then I could see this point of bug-filled games.

sobekflakmonkey2664d ago

Treyarch can suck it.

yeah games have bugs, but not every bug in the book all at once, to be honest, BlOps was and still is a disaster.

TheLastGuardian2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

This article reminded me to check if the trade in value on amazon for the hardened edition of Black Ops for PS3 went up. It did and I agreed to trade it in for $42. Thank god, now I can afford Killzone 3 on day 1. Goodbye broke ops. You won't be missed.

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Static-X2664d ago

If you had a beta on all 3 systems you would have at-least halved the problems you greedy b*stards

LiVe_From_NYC2664d ago

The reason they do not beta test is because they release the same game every year. If they were to beta test it people would realize that its no different then the previous iterations. It would probably kill the massive hype surrounding the title and affect the launch too. Activision knows what they are doing, and they know the sheep will flock regardless... pretty sad, really.

VenGencE9992664d ago

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner folks!!!

ddurand12664d ago

then youre lying, tony.

UltimateIdiot9112664d ago

He's just exaggerating with never. I've play MAG for a while and more often than not, it was an extremely smooth in terms of connection.

tony67672664d ago

@ ultimate exaggerating ? lool are u with me home playing i played since the release i have 3 charcters and never had any lag maybe ur connections sucks idk

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mandf2664d ago

Mag rarely has lag. I leveled all three factions to 50. For all those disagreers, you don't know what you are talking about. Mag's biggest pro is the lack of lag next to gameplay.

LiVe_From_NYC2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yea, Treyarch is correct. There are no "bug-free" games, but there are "bug-riddled" games, and the Call of duty series falls into the latter category.

It's not so much about the "Bugs" because at it's CORE the game does not run properly! The Servers are garbage, and the game is very choppy and laggy most of the time... Bullet detection is horrible, and so is melee detection. I have witnessed my knife sink into a mans chest on numerous occasions and it does not register a kill.

DantheMan812664d ago

Mag played very well, but I notice lag every once in a while, nothing game breaking though. I hope more games in the future works as well as Mag.

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starcb262664d ago

I wish one of these interviewers would have the balls to tell them off.

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NecrumSlavery2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Treyarch needs to shut the f*ck up, since they obviously can't man the f*ck up. And in terms of shooters Treyarch, Killzone 2 and Halo Reach had no bugs in them at launch, you crooked f*ckers.

AKA2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

why not invest a little more money and time to make you game bug free?

Atc, is a evil corp
low investment, huge marketing and fast production and hope for huge sales.
they have make so much money that they could have making the best games but they dont care.
and sheeps still keep buying their dlc i mean games with no improvement in their technology.

Elven62664d ago

That's bull and I dare you to find proof!

Have we already forgotten about the huge sums of money Activision wanted to put into Modern Warfare 2 development but Infinity Ward refused and made with a smaller budget?

Corepred42664d ago

elven- i'd like to see your proof. i never heard of that but it sounds interesting.

AKA2664d ago

how old are you kid?
do the maths
only mw2 sold over 20m copys
60 x 20m = a lot of money, enough to make the best engine ever using the best tech and polish the s$%^& out of it.

but all you get is a new campaign, new maps and few minimal changes using the same outdated tech.

Elven62664d ago

Corepred4: http://www.develop-online.n...

Keep in mind though, it's rumored that despite this the budget was still between $40-50 million.


That being said, it's not about the money, it's how you use it.

AKA: That still doesn't explain how Activision is at fault at all when they wanted to put a bigger budget into the game. Nor does your math explain anything at all.

AKA2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

wich dave will say
"i dont want money to make the best posible game ever"

i dont think none will.

Corp. rules are spend the less possible and make the biggest profit possible.
dant talk to me if you dont understand this.
you dont even need to do the maths
and its ok to like COD games but you could have a better product if you send them the right message
" not buying the game until they actually use new and more advanced tech on it"

And i dont like that COD have make a casual game so popular that other games like KILLZONE and SOCOM are changing into a more casual setting and features wich is why i will never buy one again not even when they start using those millions on making a high tech game i will avoid it, (playstation ask them gg, z etc, to make their game more casual to apeaol to the n00bs from COD N00bs that hate a game becuase it does not have AUTO AIM ASIST and more n00b friednly features like xp points poping out the screen)

plus IW are gone ad they were the gold team that actually knows how to make a quality game.

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clearelite2664d ago

... bu bu but, teh RC cars :/

Shok2664d ago

Lol, why, I've never seen such damage control from a company before.

"Well, uh, other games do it too!!!!"


UltimateIdiot9112664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

It reminds me of Apple and their iPhone4.

They tried so hard to spin on the death touch by saying other phone suffer the same issue which they did not. Death touch =/= death grip.

In this case, buggy game =/= broken game.
It's pretty sad when companies/devs just blame other instead of their own mistakes and flaws. This is why I respect dev like Kojima and Kaz. They are willing to put themselves on the fire and strive to make it perfect to their vision.

gamingdroid2664d ago

Except other phones do have the issue. My HTC HD7 suffers from the death grip as well.

I'm not defending Apple (as I hate them myself as I don't like the elitist image they are selling), but it is true. Doesn't make it better though....

With that said, hardware issues are significantly easier to find than software. As Treyarch said, one hour of online game play is more than the entire team at Treyarch could put in quality assurance for a lifetime.

Because you don't see bugs in other games, probably means:

a) the game didn't do change much from the previous game and is just using pretty much the same code

b) the game isn't popular enough to have enough people play it to get the problems exposed

c) some times it is the underlying architecture of the platform or the ability of the platform holder to uphold enforce a good spirited gaming community

d) developer dropped the ball which I rank pretty low on the list.

With that said, I never really encounter any of this cheating nonsense going on online. The only time I ever saw that was when I played Halo 3 ages ago as somebody had a lag switch.