Permutation Generator

With this little program you will be able to create your own spartan, changing the helmet(11 diferent helmets!), colors, accesories etc etc. Desing your own spartan before the game is released!

Note: .NET Framework 2.0. is needed to download it!
Download it here:

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K33GAN4101d ago

link doesn't work for me
must be my computer
is there any other way to see it?

socomnick4101d ago

worked for me its pretty sweet that halo 3 spartan the one pictured looks like some type of gundam or something.

ThichQuangDuck4101d ago

but wheres the link for the armor permutations progam i tried but it is just pics im confused and are you just lying

ThichQuangDuck4101d ago
thats the correct link press descogar and you can download it sorry that you have to copy and paste but it wont link or here goes another link

Relientk774101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

how did this story get approved!? the link that says view images doesnt work ... it makes u run a program to download that whatever 2.0 i never said i wanted that ...

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