BioWare: We Want Call Of Duty's Audience

NowGamer: With Dragon Age II’s release imminent, senior producer Fernando Melo feels the sequel has far more reach than Origins, even potentially attracting the same kind of crowd that flocks to gaming’s biggest franchise, Call Of Duty...

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Darkfiber2448d ago

Money hungry Bioware and it shows. Stop selling out!

skyward2448d ago

Is it selling out to want an audience that's already playing RPGs but just doesn't know it?

Jaces2448d ago

WTF are you talking about Bioware?!

The CoD crowd are a bunch of brain dead morons who flock to rehashed pieces of sh*t. Looks like Bio will be another developer who's games I'll be buying used or at least renting if they go down that road.

Inside_out2448d ago

" We have data "...there is your mistake right there. If you want COD numbers, you have to make a game that caters to that demographic. A demographic that love intense, loose and fast game play...RPG's are not going to cut it. slow moving Tanks and helos are not going to get it done.

Lets not forget about that little thing called combative/versus multi-player is the biggest part of those's a genetic tribal thing.

Peter Molyneux, MOH, Dice, people can fly, and now Bioware...what's wrong with these guys. Crying to the press about COD...WTF...grow some balls already.

plumber152448d ago

so they want to cater to the immature 12 year olds that use there parents money to buy a game from a company that make the same game every year and charges more for it then any other game , hmmmmmm looks i wont be buying this game from bioware .

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DFresh2448d ago

Now we're getting more developers following that path of releasing rehashed games every year and overcharging on everything to rip off the gamer.
Good job you idiots.
I don't believe you have to sell out to get that type of exposure.
Let the games speak for themselves.

Kon2448d ago

No, no and no. They cant be happy with their actual fanbase? People who actually enjoy a good story-driven game instead of a game that releases every year with no improvements?

grifter0242448d ago

Nope they cant be happy with their own fanbase just due to EA breathing down their neck on wanting to rake in more money.

Look what happened to Mass Effect 2.

Mass 1 SUPERB RPG and my favorite game.
EA swallows Bio.
Mass 2 turned into 88% shooter 12% RPG just due to EA wanting a bigger audience.

Bio sold out the main audience of Mass Effect and are now subjected to a more then probable horrible multiplayer experience.

I really liked Bio but after the trilogy of Mass Effect is up I will pause before I buy another BioEA game.

xlockingupthesunx2448d ago

Off topic, but Mass Effect 1 rules! My favorite game of all time!

VenomProject2448d ago

Would you rather have BioEA or BioVision?

I can only imagine what Kotick would do to the Dragon Age series if Activision were the publisher.

grifter0242448d ago

I do have to admit BioVision sounds pretty awesome but its sort of trying to pick the lesser evil.

Both companies would corrupt Bio to the point where a DECENT RPG out of Bio would be a blessing.

Look at what EA is doing after Mass Effect 3.
They are going to start doing what is happening to Halo/COD/KZ/Mario. A new installment every year in the Mass Effect universe.

The only devs I see that seem to care more about their IP then money would be Blizzard(SC) and Eidos(Deus ex)

McMee2448d ago

I trust Bioware, can't say that about many developers.

slavish32448d ago

add co-op and me and alot of my friends would pick it up

Dlacy13g2448d ago

@slavish3...totally agree. I mean I will get Dragon Age 2 regardless, but the whole premise of most RPG games revolves around a group of characters that band together. How are we not seeing more games put that to use in co-op dungeon crawling? Its what MMO's on PC's do all the time on a grand scale so why can't these games give us 2-4 player co-op play?

slavish32448d ago

each team member could easily be a online friend. I would buy this day F'ing one. If you want to play alone stay offline. easy .Since its not... so far, I'll get it when GOTY edition comes out. Its a good game but that would make it even better

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