TGS:07 Hands-on: Echochrome

After its shocking E3 debut, PS3Fanboy desperately wanted to play Echochrome, the mind-bending Escher-inspired puzzle game that has players changing their perspective. Available on the PS3 as a downloadable title and as a PSP game, echochrome excited audiences with its truly innovative concept. But, how did the publicly playable PS3 demo play?

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ShiftyLookingCow3775d ago

I hope they release a demo to try it out. It looks very interesting though.

Fezthebest3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

They have a demo out for the PC , in that you dont really play it but you get to build levels and then play it out. Its actully pretty, fun. I dont know the site where i downloaded from sadly, ill try to find it out.
EDIT: OH i found out what its called, its called OLECoordinateSystem not echochrome. but th same game literally i think its the devs like program or something i have no clue.

EDIT #2: For those people wondering if sony copied the OLECoordinateSystem, your wrong because Sony actully hired the created who made OLECoordianteSystem and they just named it Echochrome and made the avatars and the game run smoother, polished etc.

Fezthebest3775d ago

If you want the OLECoordinateSystem trial/whatever its called, just ask and ill try to email it. The size of the trial is 624KB compressed. AND ITS NOT THE FULLY DEVELOPED GAME ECHOCHROME.

demolitionX3775d ago

that's what i like about my PS3, diversity! not a limited genre of games, like others.

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