You Don't Know Jack Review Review (PlanetXbox360)

If you’re unfamiliar with You Don’t Know Jack, let’s fill you in a little bit. In the mid-90’s, Jellyvision managed to produce one of the few trivia games that didn’t grate on the nerves with a generic presentation and repetitive question. Rather, it went for an irrelevant approach, with a smarmy announcer named Cookie Masterson who was a smartass throughout each contest while reading stylized questions and providing you a number of options to try and “come back” to get the win if you fell behind on cash. It was a formula that worked quite well on PC and the PlayStation, but since that time, we haven’t seen that much of Jack, aside from a short-lived Paul Reubens TV game show that was nowhere as good as Pee-Wee Herman reruns.

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NoobJobz2478d ago

YDKJ and Yoostar 2 are looking good.

Tikicobra2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Review Review.

For when just a review doesn't cut it.

electricshadow2478d ago

I'm definitely going to get this. I played this so much when I was a kid.