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WorthPlaying writes, "If potty humor isn't your thing, then chances are good that Stacking wasn't made for you. On the other hand, if jokes like "There once was a man from Nantucket ..." have you chuckling to yourself, then Stacking is right up your alley.

Set in the fictional land of Russian Matryoshka dolls, otherwise known as "nesting" dolls, Stacking chronicles the adventures of Charlie Blackmore. Charlie's a little runt of a doll whose entire family (save mom) has been kidnapped by the evil Baron and forced into hard labor. With no one else to turn to, Charlie has to use his wits and his creative stacking ability to outwit the bad guys, save his family and put an end to the evil industrialists once and for all."

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Rampaged Death2445d ago

Today in the US on PSN and tomorrow for everyone else.

Syriel2445d ago

PSN = Feb 8.
XBLA = Feb 9.

Game is totally worth it. Actually quite suprised that Sony ponied up to include it in PlayStation Plus. Good deal for anyone who subscribes though.