First Ever Halo 3 reviews, one is perfect but both agree gfx look like Halo 2 in HD

Here's news of the first ever two Halo 3 reviews. The Official Xbox Magazine of Australia awarded Halo 3 a score of 10/10 despite citing that the graphics of Halo 3 look similar to Halo 2 but just in HD. Elsewhere, the official Xbox Magazine of Brazil awarded it a 9/10 again stating it looked like Halo 2 in HD but all in all it is a fantastic game.

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DreamTension4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

that when I play Halo 3 on my SD TV it will look just like Halo 2?

I would like to read the entire reviews rather than 1 line, possibly taken out of context...

JsonHenry4073d ago

So, I have played this game because a friend of mine got it early from a local retailer... and I have to say that I just can't agree with the whole "Halo 2 in HD" statement. The game looks head and shoulders above Halo 2 in HD. Especially the weapons and vehicles. Even the player models look ten times better.

The ONLY thing that I thought looked bland was the enviroment. And in this case I can see maybe comparing the two, but even the enviroment looks better than Halo 2 in HD. (although the terrain does not look a LOT better, it does look noticeably better)

SorenK4073d ago

Totally agree with you Json Henry,

While it may not be on the top of the graphical heap, I thought that even the MP Halo3 beta looked much better than Halo2 single player campaign.

Snukadaman4073d ago

i dont know...the halo beta graphics were nothing too write home about..maybe those were halo 2 in hearing the graphics were boosted up from the beta anyways so it all seems too be fitting into place.

Nolando4072d ago

it looks only a bit better than halo 2, i mean its not the best looking game, but its up there.

it style definetly adds to its look.

4072d ago
Shuriken 5254072d ago

Your a walking advert. Maybe you should get a life OUTSIDE the box.

ShiftyLookingCow4072d ago

people like him and nazim, their box is their world, they are so totally afraid that if they ever take a step out of their little box, they would fall forever into an endless void.

masterg4072d ago

I don't get how a mag can give the game 10 and say it looks like Halo 2 in the same review.

If a game like GTA4 were to look like GTA San Andreas HD it would get slaughtered.

bluebrad19744072d ago

The art style is the same, but I think the difference in graphics quality is obvious. Take a look for yourself....

Dareaver14072d ago

I guess all other countries must really like bashing the 360 and it's games outside of the U.S. I mean really, halo 3 looks like Halo 2 in HD. I'm sorry, but i just don't believe that. Maybe halo 2 for the pc looks like halo 2 in HD, but not Halo 3. The character models alone are insane to look at. Such intricate detail in the models, and then you have the environments. They look insane, i just finished watching the new Vidoc: Films and The Forge, and i was thoroughly impressed.

I guess (now this is if it's true what the mag said, because again TRANSLATION PLEASE!) everyone wants to take a pot shot at Halo3, because that is a way to get guaranteed attention from the gaming community and fanboys. Just like if a mag was to bash KZ2, it would get a lot of attention.

I think it's just a shame, perfect score with lackluster graphics, sounds a lil' fishy to me. Don't you guys think so too?

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marionz4073d ago

yeah ill make up my own mind in a few days thankyou

(via members quoting the review)

(via forum member quoting the review)

this doesnt tell me sh1t

Odion4073d ago

All the new photo's and people preview of the game, point to that not being true

spammy_nooo4073d ago

How does a short game with outdated graphics get a perfect score? sounds like pressure on reviewers and/or fanboyism to me.

I still think this game should reasonably earn a 8.5-9.5.

Snukadaman4073d ago

since most people will be on that instead of the single player game anyways...also with being able too film matches...forge..i think your slightly biased on the whole thing especially since you never played the halo series right?

tehcellownu4073d ago

How can halo 3 get a perfect score when the graphics isnt there?? everyone knows halo 3 look like halo 2..the hardcore fans just refuse to admit it..

spammy_nooo4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

i've played the Halo series. Multiplayer at friends houses and stuff. I've never actually OWNED the series.

I am including the multiplayer in my score. If a game has flaws, how is it 'perfect'? All I'm saying is that there are some pretty big problems like the short single player campaign and the outdated graphics. Those two things allow for at least half of a point deducted from the final score I would think.

The perfect scores aren't because it's a perfect game, it's because its Halo 3, and that's not right.

btw since when is a 9.0 or 9.5(or even an 8.5) a BAD score?

DeFFeR4072d ago

I'm a self admited xbox fanboy when a nerve get's twitched the wrong way, but 8.5 for Halo might as well be a 3 or 4 when the other fanboys get Sony, or Wii. Sony would eat that for lunch... It's all about perception. Our culture tells us that it's not acceptable for us to try a game for ourselves, that we have to listen to someone elses opinion because they are "experts" and they "get paid to review." Ok, what if you like things that they don't? You're going to listen to them, and possibly miss out on somthing you'd enjoy.

... 9.25 will probably be around the average for 3.

Snukadaman4072d ago

people complained about HS with the time you get out of the were never a issue...if hs had some sort of multiplayer options then maybe it deserved more then the 8.0 it gots on metacritic. No one said 8.5 wasnt decent...i just called you out on YOUR scores being someone who never owned the series. I myself didnt score HS considering i dont own it but i can point out that it being short sucks right?

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s8anicslayer4073d ago

this is just some reviews from some overseas mag's,this is thier thoughts of the game,we'll be the judge come tuesday at 12:30 am