Rumor: Kingdom Hearts Coded releasing in North America?

According to the official North American Square-Enix website the newly revealed "Kingdom Hearts Coded" might be released stateside. Under the description of the game it says "devices/carriers TBD".

It may just be a misprint seeing as how "Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis", the mobile phone game that is part of The Compilation of FFVII, was never released here.

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Umbrella Corp4100d ago

if this game sucks i will kill and square better release this stateside!!!!

WilliamRLBaker4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

you know they got this one article on the site where square is worried and looking for a publisher here...
but heres the thing maybe their games would be accepted better if they actually released games in this country other then confirmed big hits?

you know they say a good 50% of sales in the game buisness are because of company loyalty and familiarity, maybe if square released as many of their games in america they'd notice over the years they'd get alot of game sales because people would be happy with their games.

But alas square like most japanese devs have this stereotype of americans that we cannot play their games because we are too stupid...ect

Which has been proven false at every turn but they cant seem to get it through their heads that alot of people in other countries would enjoy their games but instead of only release the most secure of franchises here, and if there is a special edition? we never get it.

Nearly every game square has released since the begining has received a special edition after its release here yet they wont release it here.

and often the intial release of a game in japan they'll add in these lil doodads jewelry, standies...ect that add no price to the game there but they never release that type of stuff here.