290° Closes it's Doors

A sad day in the gaming industry, the highly useful has closed it's doors. The site that strived to provide users with the power to preview their XBOX Themes before they buy, said they "lost interest in maintaining and growing [the website]." Its always sad to see another industry site go, may you R.I.P.

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marionz3677d ago

who cares, you can veiw themes on before you buy anyway, so they arnt giving some wonderfull service to the people, they would have realised this if the actually checked the xbox website fully

JasonXE3677d ago

never knew about that on can you refer a link?

vgn243677d ago

As far as I knew, thanks to sites like dashboardthemes, gamers were able to save their points instead of spending them in a guessing game and hope they got the a good theme.

marionz3677d ago

sorry its the NZ site link ive got here, same thing though i guess

DarkJedi3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Thanks for the link MarioNZ, for some reason there's only a handful of themes listed on the UK site, how dumb is that?

Heazie3676d ago

Not every theme is on Not every picture is there either. In fact, its severely lacking in what you can look at. So its a shame there are no sites out there (that I know of) that are as good as this site was (let alone let you see what the themes were).

dantesparda3676d ago

But paying for these "themes" is just pathetic and a rip-off! MS should be ashamed of itself charging for this sh!t!

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Bnet3433677d ago

you dumbasses stop buying themes and just make them yourselves via PC - Xbox 360 linkage.

Wii60_FTW3677d ago

yeah, no kidding.

but back on topic. it seems M$ wants to stop ppl from seeing how badly they will be ripped off when buying those pathetic themes they keep shelling out.

DarkJedi3677d ago

You show me how you can get a different image per blade and for the guide bar as well and I would.

Mikelarry3676d ago

no the horror!!!!!!!!!!!!

ragnarokrose3492d ago

Well, I stumbled upon this new site that hopefully will become a replacement for dashboardthemes because we frankly need one