Why Bullestorm and Duke Nukem Forever are the most important FPS games of 2011

Forget Crysis 2, Killzone 3 and Call Of Duty, James Bowden reckons these two games will be just the shot in the kevlar-coated arm that the FPS genre needs.

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zeeshan2659d ago

I will be honest. I stopped reading after "FORGET CRYSIS 2 AND KILLZONE 3". How the heck do you expect me to forget Killzone 3? It's all that I can think of ATM!!

SeanScythe2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I quit reading after "Why Bullestorm and Duke Nukem Forever are the most important FPS games of 2011" I'm sorry Bulletstorm wasn't even fun for the time I played the demo once. DN4E will be way better the BS. KZ3 will be top for awhile then Crysis.


Rage hasn't proved anything yet sure it may be best PC (maybe) but as far as consoles go it hasn't shown any real gameplay. I could say samething with Battlefield 3 being the best FPS but still no one knows anything about it really yet.

meetajhu2659d ago

Who cares Rage will destroy everything

NnT32912659d ago

lol there is a 10 minutes demo video on Youtube and you still said it hasnt shown any real gameplay.

meetajhu2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

@SeanScythe YOU FAIL!!!

sprayNpray2659d ago

I also didn't bother reading past the title. KZ3 FTW!

sprayNpray2659d ago

Rage looks like what borderlands originally was supposed to look like before they randomly cartoonified it. (look back at the game informer issue with borderland on the cover to see what it used to look like)

Focker4202659d ago


Yep I remember that. I thought it looked incredible and then they f*cked it up with the cell-shading. It actually put me off buying it until it hit the bargain bin.

Rage hasn't shown me anything thats different. It may be pretty but the explosions and number of on-screen enemies is laughable.

Kazu0 Hirai2659d ago

"Why Bullestorm and Duke Nukem Forever are the most important FPS games of 2011"

How can anyone say that when the only developer trying to push the boundaries of technology and actually create something new is DICE with BF3? Even Rage and Crysis 2 look a helluva lot better than the 2 console arcade games mentioned in the title. BS article, don't give this BS website any hits.

Dalagonash2658d ago

@Kazu0 Hirai

In all honesty, how is DICE innovating with BF3? It will be brilliant fun, undoubtedly, and easily the best multiplayer FPS for many years to come, but at the end of the day it's more or less BF2 with an upgraded Frostbite engine, it's brilliant but it's ultimately iteration and nothing really 'new'.

Also have to say I'm surprised you're slamming Duke as an 'arcade console shooter' when it's likely the PC crowd that will accept him most and continue to mod the experience for years to come, assuming it's half way as good as 3D.

Polygon counts and engine improvements do not equal innovation.

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SeanScythe2659d ago

@ NnT3291
That's on PC not console.

NnT32912659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

that's on xbox 360, watch again. And the gameplays on PC and consoles are the same, whats your point?

SeanScythe2658d ago

Yeah and we have seen before a game that's said it's on 360 being played but never see the console or the pc's running behind the curtins.

Chaostar2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Has anyone even played Duke Nukem yet? I haven't seen any gameplay, did I miss it? Not sure how anyone can say that one game is much better than another when they haven't played either or have just played demos. Just bad journalism right there.

Actually scratch that, it's clever journalism, play on the popularity of 3 big FPS games by saying another two games that haven't been released yet will be better and the fans will be raged into clicking their site for a hit. Actually scratch that too, it's not clever to waste peoples time and cause fanboy forum wars.

Still everyones entitled to an opinion, even if it is half-baked and premature.

nick_gamestribe2659d ago

I didn't write this piece, just submitted it, but I agree with the sentiment of the article. It's not saying that the likes of Killzone 3 are poor games - far from it - just that in this current era of hyper-realistic, po-faced shooters, Duke Nuke and Bulletstorm offer something refreshing.

I don't believe it's trying to create 'forum wars'. More healthy debate, hopefully...

nick_gamestribe2659d ago

Not that KZ3 is, er, hyper-realistic. You know what I meant, right...

Cajun Chicken2659d ago

Yep. I hope these bring the FPS back kicking and screaming again and most importantly, fun.

the_kutaragi_baka2659d ago

"Forget Crysis 2, Killzone 3 and Call Of Duty"


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