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Strategy Informer: "Many childhood Christmases were spent with yours truly leaping off sofas, donning a cape and exterminating the threat of my Nan's brussel sprouts. With the Batman mask on, my ultra high pitch voice could ensure the most dastardly villain would leave the premises without harming loved ones who quietly chuckled to themselves. Just because the tyrant who stood in my way was of the canine variety, only roused because my pre-pubescent shrieks shuddered through his usually understanding fur, didn't make my dream any different from thousands of other children out there, did it? Let's face it, we've all dreamt of being a superhero, or indeed, harnessing powers from the comic book universe. Its not often we get the chance to cause carnage in a console MMO, especially one based on the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and the ever-popular Batman, so DC Universe Online's arrival is very much welcome."

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Chaostar2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I've been playing this game for 40+ hours now (at least) and I still haven't seen all the content available. Even waiting this long to release a review of an MMO of this size is still too early.

Loving the game anyway... bugs and all :)

Update coming Feb 14th, adding broker system and even MORE content, can't wait!

Sitris2446d ago

How can they give this game 5.....I have been playing religiously for the past 3 weeks.......this is a fantastic game, in no way is it a 5. And with née content coming, I'll be playing for even longer.

Keith Olbermann2446d ago

I put many hours into the beta and this game is at best a 9 and at the least a 7 as far as mmo's go. I loved it. I would still be playing if it wasnt for all the good games I am waiting to buy these next few months. This review fails.

Trebius2446d ago

Sometimes you can tell that the person writing the review has already made their decision before writing it.

This game is absolutely incredible, it's been my obsession since day 1, and I'm actually pretty upset with myself because I've been playing it every other night til the sun comes up and it's ruining my biological schedule.

If you're on the fence about this game, I'd suggest looking at all the good reviews and all the bad reviews and see which outweigh which.

If you like MMOs or Action/RPG games then you should at the very list check it out.

So much content available at level 30, and now with the expansions coming it'll be even better.

Give this game another 3 or 4 months and it'll be much more inviting to the avg gamer. Less bugs.

P_Bomb2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I've never seen so many reviewers whine about nothing. A whole paragraph about how he kept dying in the sewers? know...stop sucking? Don't run into a group of baddies head on, take em out one by one like Batman would. Buy some healing drinks or stun attacks, learn to chain combos, throw stuff, retreat and let your health bar refill naturally. I'd love to see this guy on Demon's Souls.

Enemies on indoor missions do NOT respawn and they're health doesn't refill. Learn that your R1 block interrupts control effects like being thrown. Use defensive shield powers or attack enhancements like Venom. Invest in stealth and go invisible. Invest in a ranged power if you're melee and a melee power if you're ranged to cover your bases, you can always reset skill points. Has this guy never played an RPG before?

I've cleared rooms of 20 scarabs by MYSELF by doing the spin move with my one-handed sword guy and once done my health refilled naturally. Everything the guy's complaining about has a workaround. If flying is too slow, level up and earn the upgrade genius! People have forgotten how to play games, I swear. I feel dumber for having read that review.

Charachter creation is great, good enough that you can create licensed charachters from Metal Gear to the X-men. I've seen everything from a spot-on Big Boss and Kratos to Spawn and Jean Grey. Their criticism is without merit. Powers are not limited. You can go full-on military with rifles/grenades/C4/mines/knive s/bunker busters and smoke wizards with demon pets/vortexes/plant life attacks and mutation into animals. variety.

Don't confuse your own inability to learn the basics with poor design. When the entire 6th paragraph can be troubleshooted by simply holding the R1 button when hit or by rolling away after being grounded, that's your fault. Especially when the game has hints that pop-up telling you to try just that.

Bolts2446d ago

I found that most reviews tend to bitch about the wrong things where as DCU players tend to complaint about specific issues like chat, bugs, power issues etc etc.

It's as if these reviewers played this game till lvl 15 then write their poorly informed reviews.

P_Bomb2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

You're absolutely right. Read a review the other day where the guy only played the imo less interesting villain side to level 10, quitting right as he unlocked his role's powers. Right as he's allowed from lvl 9 to start upgrading some new movement and skill trees. You can get to lvl 3 in the tutorial so that tells you how little these guys are trying.

Is it COD Black Ops' fault if you're too dumb to ever buy new guns, attachments, perks, streaks and layers/pieces to make your custom gamertag? No. So why do people expect DCUO to play itself, lol?

Jockamo2446d ago

I agree w/ the reviewer. Have it on PC and it is boring as heck. Grinded my way to level 30. Getting rid of my subscription.

powrhouse2446d ago

I hope my perspective can help some people who might be on the fence. I have never played an MMO in my life. I'm mostly a console gamer. I do play a good mixture of genres. Ive always wanted to try and MMO and DC had me intrigued since it was coming to PS3. Picked it up a week after launch, and while the bugs are frustrating, I have easily put 30 hours into this game and i'm only level 20. I can't stop just flying around and exploring. Its funny because I started the game in Metropolis and literally did not go to Gotham for the first time until 2 days ago. Seriously blew my mind that I had explored Metropolis so much and then the fact that there was an entire other city to explore. Love how they have some of the animated shows voice actors in the game.

I highly recommend this game to anyone thinking about an MMO on their PS3. With the deal starting today on PSN you can get the 3 month subscription plan for only $29.99 ($10 a month) whoch is fantastic. I think its totally worth the monthly fee especially with how much content is coming in this months update.

nefertis2446d ago

its a fun game even with flaws.

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