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ACTV: MC360 Skin for XBMC

Seth and Sean give a first hand preview of an upcoming skin for the Xbox Media Center called MC360 that adds a lot of new functionality wrapped inside a great 360 blade inspired interface.

(Xbox 360)

OutLaw  +   2968d ago
It's cool and all but..
Where is my update for my 360 at. What happen to that update?
MoonDust  +   2968d ago
Who cares.
Dumb video.!
FamoAmo  +   2968d ago
Where is the MAY UPDATE
Does anyone know when the update is going to happen. I will not download 1 more thing until the update!
sever311  +   2968d ago
i got an update...
saturday night at midnight6/3/06 ...but i didnt notice obviously wasn't the big one. It signed me out of xbox live for the update...anyone else?
Mike Oxbig  +   2968d ago
controller s
why is he using the xbox controller s and not the 360 wireless?
Krimson  +   2968d ago
XBMC, not 360
This is a skin for XBMC which is a dashboard for modded (original) xbox's. He is using an original xbox controller, because it's an original xbox :)
ArchChef  +   2968d ago
holy hell
The only problem I have with this website is that most of the users are retarded.
f1r3waII K1LL3r  +   2968d ago
what does this have to do with the xbox 3666000 tell me what why would the xbox 360 owners care? Where is our update dammitttt? Notice how the site says xbox 360 news.
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