Ratchet & Clank Future: PSM3 Magazine Reviews 93/100

Ready for the first Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction review? Well here it is, ready or not, from UK PSM3 Magazine. They gave it a 93/100! Their overall statement:

"Intense, beautiful, and accessible. A return to the series roots and a stellar game indeed."

Hopefully, when we get the game, we will feel the same way. Enjoy the review.

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Time Lord3805d ago

Am glad it isnt, will surly be picking it up now.

Loudninja3805d ago

What gave you that idea?

ShiftyLookingCow3805d ago

no way Insomniac would have left their fans(includes Ken Levine btw) down? they just totally love to make this series.

Foliage3805d ago

Why can't people get over Lair? Anyone who wasn't bias could tell that game was over hyped. It's a shame that people continue to package it in with great games like Heavenly Sword to try to prove their ridiculous views. Lair flopped because people set their expectations too high, stop trying to believe it somehow worsened the games surrounding it.

nasim3805d ago

BTW people PSM3 is not the same as PSM

PSM is an american magazine

PSM3 is a UK magazine and is very unbiased


2007 is indeed a great year to get the ps3!!!!!

so many killer apps

crck3805d ago

They have released 9 titles in that time period. Not a single one of them has averaged less then an 8 from media outlets. If you thought this game would flop it has more to do with your ignorance then anything else.

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xaphanze3805d ago


remind me of a Ratchet Game that scored below 8.8?

lonestarmt3805d ago

go Insomniac! now they have two must haves on the ps3!!! This and uncharted will start the comeback!! Now lets get fall of man 2!!

beavis4play3805d ago

i keep playing the ratchet demo over and over but it doesn't get old. uncharted coming from naughty dog in november. then hopefully resistance 2 next near followed by the next jak and daxter. totally cool!
bubbles for you

Covenant3805d ago

Looking forward to playing this on my friend's PS3. Insomniac has a great track record.

If there's one thing my 360 lacks, it's fun action/platformer games like this one.

sonarus3805d ago

already played the demo and it had me itching for more

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The story is too old to be commented.