Plasma Station : Killzone 3 Review

The ISA and the Helghast are at it again in the third installment to the Killzone series. Each game gets better but the third was incredible and over the top. Killzone 3 is a true first person shooter that was taken time to make and had a lot of effort put into it. Guerilla Games knows how to make a first person shooter. This PS3 exclusive keeps your heart racing as you try to save the world again as you play as Sev, who tries to make an impact in the war. The story wasn’t impressive but was where Killzone 2 left off from the final cut scene. So the war continues and the Helghast are getting stronger but the story was jumping around and not the best told story. The story needed some work, but the ISA are just trying to survive against the terrifying, Helghast. With a few cut scenes here and their, the story wasn’t perfect but good enough to keep the action going. The levels were split up at just at the right moments which are nice. Levels weren’t to long and not to short...

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AKA2664d ago

why there are no trolls in this review?

arika2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

most of them trolls show up when the score is 8 or below. just wait for another negative or low score for killzone 3, and they will be at it like flies hovering over a dead meat. lol! nice score btw!

TheLastGuardian2664d ago

This is the score KZ3 deserves. My favorite games journalist Mikel Reparez reviewed KZ3 and gave it a 9 but they don't have give point 5's. He says the campaign is from 6-8 hours on trooper (normal) difficulty and is full of amazing graphics and epic setpieces.

He also says they fixed everything he thought was wrong with the campaign and multiplayer of Killzone 2 which he also scored a 9. I really trust this reviewer. I can't wait to play Killzone 3's campaign and multiplayer.

Pixelated_Army2664d ago

"The graphics were the best I have seen. The PS3 exclusive holds the term for graphical power. It looked amazing from beginning to end. The blood, the Helghast, the ISA each character looks amazing and looked detail and fully polished. The frame rate kept up with the whole game. The guns were superb looking as real as they could."


I don't know and don't care.

HungryGoku2664d ago

Each game gets better but the third was incredible and over the top.

Nuff said

josephayal2664d ago

Killzone 3 and Bad Company 3

BiggCMan2664d ago

Where the hell did you see Bad Company 3?? Show me fool!! Or did you mean Battlefield 3?

VenomProject2664d ago

LOL - Battlefield and Bad Company are two different franchises.

Battlefield > Bad Company

RememberThe3572664d ago

Actually it's not the same at all. Battlefeild 3 is the sequal to Battlefield 2, not Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

BiggCMan2664d ago

I was only being funny about the "fool" part, didn't mean any disrespect. But yes as the other guys are saying, they aren't the same. Battlefield is a franchise of games ranging from the numbered series, to Bad Company, 2142, 1942 and 1943 etc...Battlefield 3 is the sequel to Battlefield 2, Bad Company 3, if there is one, would be the sequel to Bad Company 2.

duplissi2664d ago

bc3 or bf3 either way day fucking one for me- with bc2 dice has earned my utmost respect.

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Mr2Good32664d ago

Day one grab for myself!

BiggCMan2664d ago

This website has a cool name, besides the "weebly" part. It could use some designs amongst other things to spice up the look though.

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