DamnLag - Games That Should Get Their Own Remake

Jaleel writes: Halo: Combat Evolved‘s getting a remake this holiday season. Not just a resolution bump mind you, they’re actually redoing the thing from the ground up. I don’t think you understand. HD remakes were one thing; but now like the movie industry we’re reimagining properties only around ten years old.

Here’s what separates me from most: I am completely cool with this.

See, Halo might be pretty unnecessary, but there’s plenty of games that came out a few years to forever and a half ago that would be amazing if they were modernized.

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LukeWashingTons2596d ago

Power Stone 3 with XBL NEEDS to be made.

rainbowfission2596d ago

Goddamn shame everyone won't realize how great an xbox live hd remake of phantasy star online would be.

Xanatos20002596d ago

Jet Set Radio Future please.

kenpachi2596d ago

Whatever happened to Nightmare Creatures

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