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Submitted by MechaZain 1832d ago | opinion piece

DamnLag - Games That Should Get Their Own Remake

Jaleel writes: Halo: Combat Evolved‘s getting a remake this holiday season. Not just a resolution bump mind you, they’re actually redoing the thing from the ground up. I don’t think you understand. HD remakes were one thing; but now like the movie industry we’re reimagining properties only around ten years old.

Here’s what separates me from most: I am completely cool with this.

See, Halo might be pretty unnecessary, but there’s plenty of games that came out a few years to forever and a half ago that would be amazing if they were modernized. (Actraiser, Dev, Dino Crisis, Halo: Combat Evolved, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Power Stone Collection, Sunset Riders, Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

LukeWashingTons  +   1833d ago
Power Stone 3 with XBL NEEDS to be made.
halo4fan  +   1833d ago
Star fox please god...
rainbowfission  +   1833d ago
Goddamn shame everyone won't realize how great an xbox live hd remake of phantasy star online would be.
Xanatos2000  +   1833d ago
Jet Set Radio Future please.
kenpachi  +   1833d ago
Whatever happened to Nightmare Creatures
FlyWestbrook  +   1832d ago
Fox he'll yies!
GamingForever  +   1832d ago
great list!

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