Seven Games That Need a Remake

Excerpt: "With the strong rumor that Halo: Combat Evolved is going to be remade graphically from the ground up, it brings us to the question of why aren’t more games being remade? We’re not talking about reboots like the new emo Devil May Cry, or re-imaginings like the first person shooter XCOM. We’re talking about a true remake like you see endlessly from Square-Enix with its Final Fantasy games on the handhelds – they’re completely faithful to the original, save a new engine, graphics and occasionally an additional mission or two; the upcoming localization of Dragon Quest VI is a great example.

So, we’ve picked out seven games that desperately need a modern remake, sometimes due to their primitive graphics, sometimes due to their incompatibility with the current OS, or the fact you need to do some major tweaking to get them to run (unless does it for you, bless their souls.)

These games aren’t old or have already been remade, so you won’t see M.U.L.E., Sid Meier’s Pirates or Seven Cities of Gold – in fact, the oldest of the games is from 1994. You also won’t see games that require little work to be remade, which is why you won’t see Grim Fandango here, either. These games would require serious undertaking. The games also have to remain the same genre and style, so no Elder Scrolls version of Ultima IV, either."

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distorted_reality2844d ago

Good list.

I'm not sure what's happening with the DX HD mod - haven't looked into it in ages, as it seemed like it was never going to be completed. I did a playthrough last year and will do another one before HR arrives, and tbh I enjoy having it look and feel the way it does.

A nice HD remake would be nice, but isn't necessary. Same with Thief actually.

JonahFalcon2844d ago

By remake, we mean a ground up remake, not making higher resolutions of the same old textures and models.