Three PSOne Classics coming next week

According to online retailer Amazon, the U.S. Playstation Store will be receiving three new PSOne Classic games for the PSP and Playstation 3 next week.

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thereapersson2598d ago

Fuck yes. I LOVED that game growing up.

Monolith2598d ago

Never played it, going to check it out. The cover looks awesome!

callahan092597d ago

These were all great games. Very nice selection.

ABizzel12597d ago

Yes Destrega was my love on PS1. If you don't know look it up. I still have my PS1 version, but i'll get this for my PSP Go.

maniacmayhem2597d ago

wow, totally forgot about destrega.

Now if they could please give us Suikoden 2!

Azianphil882597d ago

ill agree with u on the Suikoden II
its a very rare game and its very difficult to get the hardcopy, especially on ebay or amazon its freaking expensive.
speaking of Suikoden hey Konami whens the Sixth installment coming out and please make it PS3 exclusive

PSjesus2597d ago

destrega didn't play this game before

Rage_S902597d ago

where da f*ck is my xenogears

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